The Aftermath of My Weekend

Monday Morning: all I can say is that I'm extremely exhausted. But.... BUT it was worth it Up at 445am for boot camp. Then I had to work late on Friday. After I couldn't take it any longer, I went to SFS to watch a friends band practice. Actually saw a guy that I hasn't seen since HS. That was cool. Had a few beers. Chilled and had a great conversation with Samantha. ...more

Friday Night at Vons

Waiting in line at Vons Guy (who I might add is a little dirty looking) in front of me turns around. “So you’re buying a whole chicken?” “Yup.” “All by yourself?” “Yup.” He turns back around, thankfully. Turns around again. “So this line is taking a long time. What time is dinner going to be at?” Smiling I just look at him; offer a weak smile, “ ummmm. Like in 15 minutes considering I don’t have to cook this chicken.” He gets to the register. He turns back, “Sorry. This going to take a while.” “Quite ok.”...more