The More You Give The More You Will Receive

In January of 2013, (a little over a year after my first son’s birth), I gathered up two large bags of clothes ranging in size from newborn to six months. At the time I didn’t hesitate at the thought of passing them on to someone else....more

Free Books: I Am in Love!

One of the best things about blogging is revisiting old posts. Reading my own words helps keep me accountable to myself. As a result of recent home renovations I created a little note to myself called A Few Things I Learned While Nesting, Purging and Streamlining ....more

Medical Insurance Update – Labor and Delivery Costs

Our medical bills for the delivery of baby #2 just arrived and so far we owe just over $560. This included a $250 copay plus hospital inpatient charges up to our $3000 deductible. Our insurance rolled over on December 1st and it seems we racked up $3000 worth of medical charges between then and now ....more

Radio Silence: Baby #2 Arrives

Baby #2 arrived a bit earlier than expected; three weeks early to be exact. I thought I had one more week to prepare for the arrival, but it simply wasn’t meant to be. As I labored in the hospital my husband and I walked the halls and tried to agree on names ....more

A Guide to Saving for Maternity Leave

This post is part of Women’s Money Week. In my opinion as soon you decide to have children, (no matter how far into the future that day may seem), you should start setting money aside for the big day. Think of having a child like any other big financial goal in life ....more

Maternity Leave – How Much Is Enough?

This post is part of Women’s Money Week. Planning for maternity leave sucks. When I found out I was expecting my first child I sat down with a calendar and mapped out the days and weeks until I would need to return to work ....more

Odds, Ends and Other Such Things

A spattering of financial thoughts rolling around in my brain: Next month will start the four year countdown of our primary mortgage! My family hosted a surprise sprinkle for baby #2 after all. Despite saying that gifts weren’t necessary everyone brought something and yes I felt guilty for each of the gifts we received ....more

Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh ($25 Gift Card Giveaway)

Though its been a few weeks since contractors finished remodeling our house the basement still smells...more

Time for Our Annual Financial Meeting

Way back in March of 2006 I read The Family CFO and subsequently asked my husband if he’d like to sit down for an in-depth meeting to discuss our current finances as well as our short and long term goals. At the time I took this task very seriously. I created an agenda and followed the step-by-step process outlined in the book ....more

Book Review: Aoléon The Martian Girl: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Saga – Part 3: The Hollow Moon

Book Description: Spying on the Luminon, Aoléon and Gilbert uncover his plot to steal Earth’s milk cows and make the disturbing discovery that the Martian leader plans to disrupt Mars’s galact supply. The duo races to warn Aoléon’s father, Deimos, a manager at the galactworks, before the Luminon’s saboteur can act.While still on the run, Aoléon takes her pilot’s exam so she can join the Martian intergalactic exploration fleet. However, during the test-run, something goes horribly wrong ....more