Gift Exchanges: Really Crappy Gifts

Two years ago my brother and I officially stopped giving each other gifts for Christmas. I can say without a bit of remorse that I’m glad we ended the exchange. Every year it became more difficult to decide on a gift and the added stress and cost just wasn’t worth it anymore ....more

Maternity Clothes: Dreading Winter

My son was born in October, which means my belly didn’t start blossoming until late spring/early summer. That was a great time to be pregnant because I didn’t need to waste a lot of money on maternity clothes. I found a bunch of inexpensive summer dresses and billowy tops and wore them while I was pregnant ....more

Free $10 Credit to Educents

Get a free $10 credit when you join the website. New members will receive $10 worth of Edubucks, which can be put toward the purchase of ANYTHING on the Educents site....more

Nesting Progress

As I clean out the house in preparation for our new little bundle of joy I am perpetually amazed by the sheer amount of stuff that exists within the confines of our walls. Every time I revisit the closets, dressers and drawers in my house I find something else that can be dragged off to the donation center. Although I love reorganizing I absolutely hate seeing how much money I’ve wasted over the years ....more

Nesting: The Second Time Around

I love second trimester nesting! I’m currently twenty-one weeks pregnant and suddenly feel a compulsive need to clean the house, remove all the clutter and organize everything. I started in the kitchen, moved to the dining room, tried my best to wrangle the chaos that is our living room and then moved upstairs ....more

I Cannot Imagine a Scenario Where I Won’t Owe $3000

After publishing my last post about my insurance coverage I realized we will definitely max out next year’s medical deductible. I suppose all that worry over squeezing in prescriptions and doctor’s visits was rather pointless. According to the medical records my son’s birth cost $8,400 ....more

How to Save Money on a New Baby: Wait to Find Out the Gender

I’ve been to quite a few baby showers in the past ten years. For the majority of those parties the mother-to-be already knew the baby’s gender. In the case of baby boys light blue invitations with sailboats and puppy dogs were mailed ....more

Your Coupon Salary: A Factor of Time and Money

I’ve written about coupons many different times over the past few years. I used to sing the praises of those little pieces of paper, but over time I’ve turned against them. At some point along the way I decided to kick them to the curb and cancelled my newspaper subscription to ensure I wouldn’t be tempted to continue clipping ....more

The New Addition To Our Family

I can’t believe I’m typing up this post, but here it is, after nearly a year of trying to conceive I am happy to announce that our little family of three is expecting a new addition to the family. The new bundle of joy should arrive next March! I’ve been hesitant to write about my pregnancy or tell people about it ....more

Insurance Renewal Time: Our Deductible Resets to $3000

Our insurance plan will renew on December 1st, which unfortunately means that the clock will also reset on our deductible. With a high deductible insurance plan my husband and I will have to shell out $3000 before our insurance kicks in any money for doctors visits or prescriptions. This is only the second year we’ve subscribed to one of these plans and due to a series of unforeseen medical issues it is the first time we actually met our deductible ....more