I Can Only Show You The Door...

If you grew up Latino, chances are you saw a telenovela. Certain things went down when it was telenovela time. First of all you didn't talk to your mom, if her favorite novela was on. Not unless you wanted a judo-chop to your face. It was the equivalent of watching the game for your dad. Shit, your dad didn't talk to your mom when Maria Mercedes was on. He ain't crazy! ...more

 That is too funny. The closest I have come to watching one was in Mexico on vacation and I ...more

Lady Bradshaw's Man Manifesto

If you're at all familiar with me or my writing, by now you may be asking yourself, what's up with the man situation? I have always been a serial dater. I'm always either married, living with someone, have a boyfriend, just had a date last Saturday or (at the very bottom of the totem pole), having great sex. So what's up now? Surprisingly nothing. And it feels good! I swear. No, really. Yes, it's really me! ...more

you go, girl! this sounds like something i would've written as advice to someone stuck in the ...more

Stepping Back and Letting Go

Out of all my friends and acquaintances I probably have the oldest child. She's thirteen. So I am usually the first one to cross uncharted territory in parenting. The latest threshold we've been crossing is independence and her having a "social life." When I was her age the rules were a lot different for me than they were for her. That wasn't completely my grandparents fault either. I definitely contributed to their lockdown mentality by acting out which only makes them tighten the vise grip even more. ...more

What I've Learned From Dominican Mamis

In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to share a few things I've learned over the years from the mothers in my family. Dominican mothers are a special breed of woman. There's always room for you at Mama's house. ...more

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

A friend recently passed along a copy of Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey with Denene Millner. I had seen someone reading it on the train and internally scoffed. I have never thought much of the self-help/relationship advice genre of literature. Honestly, in my personal hierarchy of literature it's on the rung below chick-lit (not women's fiction, there's a distinction, thank you very much). ...more

Battle of the Alter-Egos (Spidy Clamburger vs. Lady Bradshaw)

Those who know me personally, know that I have a fondness for alter-egos. An alter-ego is basically a character you pull out of yourself that allows you to do the things your normal self would be too chicken to do. Forgive me for this example but take Beyonce. She has Sasha Fierce when it's time to get crazy on stage. Dr. Jekyll turned into Mr. Hyde when it was time to get psychopathic. Me? I have Spidy Clamburger. ...more