6 myths about the Tea Party movement

Myth #1:  Tea Partiers are “anti-tax activists” who are opposed to paying taxes.  This is a deliberate oversimplification and distortion of the facts.   Tea Partiers are NOT opposed to paying taxes.  Tea Partiers recognize the distinction between LOCAL government, STATE government, and FEDERAL government....more

Media girl,

First, if you want to be "taken seriously", try dropping the ridiculous sexual ...more

Religion and Morality: Indispensable Supports

On Easter Sunday, families all across the world will be celebrating the risen Christ.  They will remember the sacrifice of Jesus, who bore our punishment and conquered death so that we could be forgiven and restored.  They will celebrate the greatest gift God has offered us: et...more

Can The Tea Party Deliver On Election Day?

As “Reagan Democrats” abandon the Democratic party in favor of fiscally conservative Republicans in the coming election cycle, they will be making demands that the GOP move their way, towards “the center."  Unfortunately, that’s the mistaken path we took in the 90’s, which left us with RINO’s like George W. Bush and John McCain, and a disillusioned, uninspired voter base.  If any party needs to “move to the center," it’s the Democrats. The defection of Reagan Democrats left the party in the hands of the Radical Left.  ...more

Joanne, I never questioned your education.  I'm not surprised to find that you're a law ...more