Vegan Chocolate Birthday Frosting

While we eat a diet mostly built around whole foods and clean ingredients, if there’s a time to splurge, it’s your birthday. We have two birthday celebrations coming up, and this is our favorite chocolate frosting. In fact, it’s the best chocolate frosting we’ve ever eaten–I mean it ....more

Happy Weekend

Guys, it’s just really, really, reeeeally been one of those weeks. I had food poisoning/death last weekend. By Monday, I was starting to feel like a person again ....more

Agnes and Dora Giveaway!

Thanks for your nice thoughts on Monday’s post. I...more

My 5 Rules for Getting Dressed

In February, I was asked to speak to a group of teen girls about my style and fashion philosophy as part of a Fashion Night they were having. Truth be told, I’m sure there were plenty of surprised people when I was revealed as a speaker. I’m not what you might call trendy by any means ....more

Five Fact Friday

1. The final quarter of graduate school has started! We’ve already checked off week one of the LAST QUARTER of MBA school! ...more

How to Make Paper Flowers

With Easter around the corner, and springtime upon us, I wanted to share a little project I did a few months ago. I helped put on a luncheon for the ladies who help out in the children’s program at church. We had a teeny tiny budget, so lots of DIY and handmade decorations were the name of the game ....more

The Best Paleo Ranch Dressing (& Mayo!)

I’ve been hearing a lot about how easy homemade mayonnaise is to make for ages. But I kind of thought, “well, I don’t really like mayonnaise anyway” and also “I doubt it.” The idea of whisking and pouring, and hoping the mayonnaise didn’t “break” seemed pretty intimidating. Plus, a lot of the dairy-free recipes for homemade creamy dressings...more

Five Fact Friday

1. Prayers. Both kids are now officially saying prayers ....more

How to Meal Plan

A few of you have mentioned you’re in a cooking rut or you’re trying to figure out your meal planning strategy. I thought I’d share a few things that help us as we plan our meals. 1. Start at home base ....more

Apricot Cherry Snack Bars

A few years ago, I didn’t really even know what dates were. And by “dates,” I don’t mean the activity, I mean the fruit) Then, when I learned what they are, I kind of thought they were like prunes and primarily eaten by people who had given up on flavor. In the last few years, I’ve gotten smarter! ...more