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Mission: Water4Christmas

 Hi all! It's Missions Monday!! I get so excited! Truly!...more

Are you pointing people in the right direction?

 Road trips. Some of us love 'em! Some of us hate 'em. But I'm pretty sure we've all been on one just as I'm sure you've gotten lost along the way or worse - you've forgotten your mapquest directions! So like the wise individual that you are, you stop, and ask for directions. Only when you got them, the directions were either unclear, the person wasn't from the area and gave you a butchered go-right-go-left, the person while confident led you somewhere else entirely, or you got perfect directions! When you're travelling and out of the familiar, you're definitely at the mercy of anyone! Thank the Lord for GPS' right?! (Sometimes!) Our life is most like a road trip before we come to know the Lord. We have a desire to go in a particular direction, we make a plan, but somewhere along the way we get lost and the person we asked instructions from sent us on a detour that led right to Our Father, God. How amazing?! While our encounters may seem simple enough, the actual getting there may be the road trip for a few of us. Now that we've "arrived" and we know the way, are we careful in giving others the directions to "The Way"? Are we applying the care and consideration that we would like had we been on a real journey and gotten lost?...more