Heart Characters

When you are stuck inside with little ones, crafting is one way to keep them occupied in a good way.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve been doing a few fun heart crafts....more

Crazy Vet Trip

A few days ago I called and made an appointment for our cat to get her annual shots.30 minutes before our appointment I went to the kitchen to get the kids a snack to eat in the car.  After all, hungry kids are no fun when running errands.As I was packing yogurt-covered raisins into baggies, the kids grabbed hands and started playing a super-fast version of Ring-Around-the-Rosie....more

Ways to Entertain Kids Indoors with Cardboard Tubes

Are your kids getting as stir crazy as mine are lately?The weather, people being sick, trying to stay away from people who are sick…  It’s been keeping us home a bit more than usual, and let’s just say some days the house is NOT big enough for me and the two kids.Some times you just need something new and different to break up the monotony....more
We made light sabers!more

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!If you have been a reader of my blog for long, or if you follow on Facebook, then you know I love Thankful Thursday posts.  There is just something about looking at the positives from the week instead of all the negatives. This week I am extremely thankful that my husband agreed to my wish to share the magic of Disney World with our kids this summer....more

Heart Animals

The Christmas decorations are down, and the doors are looking pretty bare.  It’s been gloomy and rainy, and the excitement of new Christmas toys has worn down.What better time to start making some cute Valentine’s decorations? I prepped for the activity by cutting out lots and lots of hearts in various sizes and colors....more

Thankful Thursday -- look back over 2012

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday post of 2013!As I was singing our daughter to sleep, and thinking of what to write for this week’s post (always multi-tasking!), I thought it fitting to look back at 2012 and all the blessings it brought. ...more

Loving Our Morning Routine While It Lasts

Snuggled beneath my covers, thinking about the upcoming day and what I hope to accomplish, that is when I usually hear the jingle of a door knob being turned by little fingers. Lately the early morning wake up has been coming from my little boy. (Unless he’s already in my room, sleeping on the floor.) If I’m lucky I can talk him in to some snuggle time. It’s those few precious moments, where I’m holding on to my youngest who is trying to grow up all too fast, that make me smile in the morning....more

Water Bottle Fish

Got a few empty water bottles laying around?  It’s time for a break from the heat with a fun summer craft!...more

Dear Target

Dear Target,Oh, how I’ve missed you!Our time together as I perused your dollar section last night was all I had hoped for. In the past you have supplied me with numerous craft items and little goodies that brighten gloomy days for the little ones.After staying home with sick little ones this past week, I was just itching to get out (without the little darlings, mind you). Your red and white circular sign drew me to you like a moth to a flame. My heart pounded with excitement as I grew closer to your automatic doors. And I must say, you didn’t disappoint....more

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!We’ve got big plans to celebrate today…  I’ve even got cupcakes hidden away for after lunch. (Shhh!  Don’t tell!)Reading time today will include all our favorite toddler/preschooler Dr. Seuss books....more