Betrayed from within

For years now my immune system has been acting like a double agents. Sure it has protected me from numerous viruses and bacterial infection, but it has turned on me.The first time my doctors figured out it decided to go rogue was when it attacked my thyroid in the form of Graves Disease.  There was nothing that would stop it from its course and the Thyroid had to be destroyed with radiation therapy to prevent heart problems. So now I take synthetic hormone every day. ...more

How do we fix unemployment?

A recent study shows that unemployment rates amoung those who have at least a four year degree is just above 3% and unemployment amoung those who have a high school diploma or less is above 12%.Even with the national unemployment rate standing at 7.9% there are jobs available. Industry experts explain that finding qualified candidates is making it difficult to fill these positions. The majority of unfillable positions are in manufacturing and information technology jobs.  With manufacturing becoming more and more automated these jobs require a higher technical skill set....more

Why I am voting for Obama election day is 3 days away.  I think by now most people know who they are going to vote for. So first let me say, no matter which candidate you endorse, please go vote.  We have the tremendous right to vote and with these rights come the repsonsibility to participate.  If a people act like they don't care about their rights, a time will come when someone will try to take those rights away. Look at the numerous scare tactics and voter suppression efforts that have been highlighted recently.  Do not be silent, Vote!...more

Why I am Pro Choice

I think this election is important for many reasons. The reason I am blogging about today is the freedom of choice.Now I can hear and even understand those who wear the title pro-life. Life is a miracle. This is coming from a 30 year old woman who has known for many years that her chances of ever being able to have a child of her own would be slim to none....more