Three Tips to Help You Choose to Lose Weight (for good!)

  It feels like everywhere we look there’s another website, TV show, or life coach committed to helping others lose weight. You literally cannot turn on the TV without an onslaught of weight loss coaches and experts, exercise regimens, “new” diets and of course the newest “best way to lose weight” program. While the support of these programs is phenomenal, there are so many people who still can’t lose weight....more

A Healthy Way to Lose Weight - Movement!

No matter where you are with your health, consider today your fresh start – even if you are already active and eat well, each of us can stand to “kick it up a notch.”  Today, you can begin a journey that has no destination; it is a journey of discovery and action – a healthy way to lose weight. ...more

Sisters of "Pink"


Straight But Not Narrow

OnePinky sister, Sara, recently wrote this testimony in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month and I wanted to share it with you all: I like to say that I’m straight, but not narrow. I’m married to a man, but I can appreciate the curves of a woman just as much as I can the broad torso of a man. I might have a crush on Will Smith—but I’ve also had a little thing going for Rosario Dawson for a while (yes, Seven Pounds just made my entire year). ...more

World Food Week, Part 6

Meet the Ahmed family of Egypt. They spend about $68 dollars on food a week—for 12 people! I don’t know about you, but I doubt that even Jon and Kate Plus 8 could live on that much. Look at how much food the Ahmeds have for the week. Would this be enough to feed your family? Do you think it’s enough to feed theirs? Nearly all of their food is from vegetables or other fresh sources… how does this compare with the previous families? With your own family? ...more

World Food Week, Part 5

This is the Sobczynscy family of Poland. They spend about $151 on food each week for five family members, averaging about thirty dollars per member. The Sobczynscy family seems to have bought a lot of fresh foods and vegetables. How does this compare with the rest of the families we have featured? Are your family’s shopping habits similar or different? As with every family, we’d like for you to answer this question: Have they spent too much—too little—or just enough, and why? ...more

We are a Polish family as well, in the US. We feed a family of 5 and our weekly food purchases ...more

World Food Week, Part 4

This is the Casales family of Mexico. They spend about $190 on food each week, which is nearly half of what the Melanders of Germany spend—and they have an additional family member! So far the Casales family has spent the least amount of money during our food study. The two big questions are: Have they spent this money wisely? (Is it on junk or healthy food—and how does it compare with the families from last week?) And, have they spent too much—too little—or just enough, and why? ...more

World Food Week, Part 3

Meet the Melander family of Germany, who spends about $500 on food weekly. While the Manzo family of yesterday has five members, they spend almost half of what the Melanders (a family of four) spend. Note what the Melanders spend their money on. Which one has more healthy food? Which has more junk food? Compare both of these families to the Revis family of Monday; is there a general pattern developing with European families versus the American one? ...more

World Food Week, Part 2

Today we’d like for you to take a look at the Manzo family, of Italy, who spends about $260 on food each week. While the Manzos have a family of five, they spend less than the Revis family from Monday's blog (a family of four) spend. Note what the families spend their money on. Which one has more fresh, green food? Which has more packaged food and sweets? Which one spends the most? Who buys fast food? Of both of these families, who do you think buys the right amount of food? Who has too much? Does anyone have too little? ...more

World Food Week, Part 1

This week, we’re running a series of reports about how much food families around the world eat. Below is a picture of the Revis family of North Carolina, who spend approximately $342 on food each week. Note how many bags of chips, fast food items, and sweets the family buys, and compare this to your family’s food intake. Are your kitchen’s contents similar? Compare these items with the green and healthy foods here. Do you think this kind of food distribution reflects the ever-increasing obesity rate in America? ...more