The Five Stages of Grief… For a Lost Friendship

It’s been a long winter so far. Maybe it just feels that way. There has been snow day after snow day (coupled with late starts and early dismissals), an exciting case of the flu for 2/5 of us, and my most recent excitement, oral surgery. While I’ve been in caffeine withdrawal from quitting Diet Coke cold turkey the day before surgery (stupid, STUPID) I’ve just been sitting around loathing scrambled eggs and just about everything else on the planet. And I miss my best friend, the person who was the most awesome at wanting to set everything on fire with me....more
Thank you for this powerful share about how you dealt with grief and loss. I created a work of ...more

You Can Totally Homeschool Your Kid: 5 Myths Busted

I had to hold off on writing this particular post, because despite being confident, I still wasn’t sure I had REALLY done the right thing. However, report cards are back, and I’m happy to say, "Nanny nanny boo boo." My newly enrolled public-schoolers made honor roll (high honor roll for one of them), have tons of friends, and their teachers say they’re a joy to have in class. They aren’t socially awkward freaks. ...more
You provided so much encouragement in this! Thank you! We intend to homeschool our kids for as ...more

Santa Doesn't Come to Alaska

Can you feel it?  This time of year there seems to be a little extra magic in the air, people seem to smile more, have longer conversations with people they don’t know, hold doors open and find ways to do more kind things for people.  People they may know or they may not.  Its the holidays!  ...more

Wrap it Up: Samsung Galaxy Tab S Reviewed

I was tickled when Samsung sent me a Galaxy Tab S (8.4″ 16GB) to “test-drive” right before the holiday season. The kids are getting older, and quite frankly, I am always completely clueless what to get them for Christmas. Long gone are the days of toddler toys that come in huge boxes for a small price-tag. Now I want to be sure I’m getting them quality items that won’t be obsolete by the New Year. Spoiler alert: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S hits most of the marks....more

Death by Chocolate Muffins

So like, I should probably preface this by saying you shouldn’t actually eat these for breakfast. They are seriously chocolatey. Also, giving them out to children before they leave for school in the morning is probably frowned upon by their teachers. Ahem, not that I’ve done that. Ever. REALLY....more

Blog Conferences are Terrifying

(This is very personal, and somewhat hard for me to put out there, but I don’t hold back on anything else, so the same should apply to this subject…)A few days ago I was having a conversation with a fellow blogger about a conference she was headed to. I’m always in awe of all the traveling my friends get to do, and this was no exception. She was flying from Pennsylvania out to California for the Fresh Summit Expo, a definite destination spot for a food blogger. I wistfully watched her tweets during the amazing event. And then, I felt like a loser....more

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Feeling cheesy? These adorable and scrumptious homemade cheese crackers are the perfect clone of those little golden fish crackers our kiddos all love. Whip some up with basic cheddar for the little ones, or sharper cheese and a pinch of cayanne for quick company appetizers. Come check out the recipe at One Punky Kitchen! ...more

Zombie Lovers Gift Guide

Christmas is in 75 days, and frankly, I don’t want to think about that yet. So with the season of Halloween upon us (and the beginning of the new season of Walking Dead) I would much rather present you with a curated list of gifts for the zombie lover in your life.Find out about these lovely things over at... One Punky Mama...more