Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!

Less than 10 Rules for being a healthier person - 4 to be exact!  I just returned from a long weekend vacation to the beach.  On this vacation, I took a detour back into old eating habits, and promptly earned myself a week long migraine - longer than the 4 day beach-cation!...more

Kicking it with grace! A lovable mess!

It finally hit me! I had finished lifting weights and was pounding the elliptical, dancing the run, singing in my head to the new playlist and BAM! It has finally rooted bone deep.  I no longer need to diet, count calories, journal food intake.  I am totally okay with working out, lifting weights, and getting stronger. I am not thin.  My BMI is at least 30. But I feel strong and happy. ...more

Insomniac's Lament

Two nights in a row.  Random thinking waking me, and holding me captive.  The thinking not very profound; just to-do lists, thoughts of people, and thoughts about weight and body image. Do I really need to be awake for this!Yesterday I made it through the day just fine, a bit quiet, slow, and sleepy by late afternoon. I even skipped my workout- I should have gone and done a little......more

Today is a good day.

Today is a good day.  It has only just begun, with the perfect cup of coffee, some blog reading, and a quick pedicure! The pedicure was of the pre-hiking type. I learned a few years ago that hiking mountains with long toe nails meant coming home with fewer toenails! Today is a hiking day.  After I run my standard errands, I will come home grab the husband and head to the Smoky Mountain National Forest for a long walk/hike. I am thankful that I live a mere 10 minutes from my favorite trailhead. I never tire of walking along the trail, surrounded by creek sounds and silence....more

The Urge to Blog

Lately I have had an urge to blog.  I wonder at this urge to share what I usually keep to myself, out in the open, somewhat anonymously, and wondering if anyone else can relate. Of course we all wonder that, and I doubt any of us are terminally unique. So here I am....more