Why Straight Lines Are A Myth

The other day I was in conversation with a friend who I highly respect. He was telling me about his frustration in getting a deal done. He was finding it difficult to get the needle to move along the line from point A to point B the way he wanted it to. My response was that there are no straight lines anymore....more

What My Mother Taught Me About Personal Branding

These days my mother likes to start our daily phone conversations telling me how tired she is or complaining about whatever ailment she is focused on that day. While she has earned the right at 93, it’s pretty exhausting to listen to. So to redirect the conversation, I consciously think about what I can share about my life before I dial the phone.The other day, I told her about a very generous and unexpected gift a client sent to me....more

The Egg Timer - Secret Productivity Tool

  The egg timer has been a permanent fixture in my home since I was a kid. My mother had a white one with black numbers to keep track of her cooking. She kept using the same one for a long time, even after it melted slightly when it was accidentally left too close to a burner.  Now timers are everywhere. Even my iPhone has one. But I still like my old fashioned timer. The kind you turn for however long you want and that makes an almost annoying ticking as each minute disappears into the ether. ...more
When I am trying to write fiction and I'm tired and it's late at night, I tell myself just do it ...more

Don't Give Up Your Right to Vote

I don't profess to have all the answers to all the ills we are facing at the moment. But I do believe we are moving forward, albeit slowly. And I also believe everyone has a responsibility in that. EVERYONE -- as in you and me. Voting is one small action that lets your voice be heard. ...more

I just discovered that even though I'm registered to vote, I can't. It's because I'm traveling ...more

Writing Without A Keyboard

I've taken notes for as long as I can remember. It was ingrained in my NYC public school education to take notes. Even when my short term memory was much sharper and not flooded with today's information overload, I never trusted what I might remember. I was told if I took notes I would learn more. I listened, and it has always proven true. ...more

But like Jenna I'd be doing it from a laptop today. My penmanship always sucked. ...more

Dear Dancing With the Stars: We're Over

I didn't want it to end. I loved spending my Monday and Tuesday evenings with you. I set my DVR just in case of an emergency where I had to be away, because I never wanted to miss an episode. I was one of your true, loyal fans. I voted every week. I encouraged my friends to do so too. I tweeted and posted on Facebook my anticipation for another season. I blogged about you, my guilty pleasure. I was not a casual admirer. I even went so far as to drive to New Jersey to the Prudential Center and see the show when it went on tour! I've missed you so, all summer long. But now it's over. Done. I know we can't go on. ...more

Joanne Tombrakos is a writer, personal coach and corporate expatriate  who blogs her ...more