A Sweat Ceremony, Justification and BlogHer 11

I made the plunge and bought a ticket to BlogHer11. I found so many reasons NOT to go. When it was announced that it would be in my home state of California this year, I dreamed of going. Daydreams aside, it's clearly not in this single mom's budget at all. I felt sorry for myself as I talked myself off the ledge....more

Im GOING to BlogHer!

I just made the plunge. I ordered my ticket, went in debt and am looking at this as an ROI. I hope I'm not wrong! Excited but nervous. Hope I made the right decision to invest in the conference. I'm one of those people. My friend gave me a sign that reads "I used to be indecisive and now I'm just not sure"....so true for me. Hope to meet some great BlogHer women!| CrazySingleMom- blogging about my experience as the only active parent in my son's life- visit my blog at http://www.youandmekid.net/...more

I look forward to meeting you there.

BlogHer Community Manager