Women in business

About 8 years ago, the business was still in a fledgling stage. It was only my hubby and I working away working darn hard to get the ends to meet. I think our rent was about $1,300; That was the biggest part of our nut. I met a woman at al women's only networking group who had a new catering and personal chef business. She chose us to do her website to support "sisters in business". I'll save you from the back and forth. At the end of the project she screwed me out of $1,400. Ouch! I still have the site we designed in the archives, my goodness it was nice....more

Everything worth reading

Writing on my iPhone, read with forgivenes... I read some of "everyone worth knowing". At 41%, I knew the plot, the point, and the end. I skipped to the last chapter and confirmed I was right. I Hate when a book is that weak, can I get my money back, or at last 59% of it? I read a book this summer, the name escapes me, that I knew the whole thing in chapter 2: the mysterious older woman would be her missing mother; the arrogant extremely attractive man would get through the defenses and make her fall in Love, her money troubles would be resolved....more

Sunday, by the blue purple yellow red water....

Slept great last night, up now watching caprica, drinking coffee. Not sure what I'm gonna do today, but feeling good. Might go play in the garden. I need to find garden help. Went to a bushels yesterday. When I asked about landscaping services, the woman looked me up and down. I felt judged and not entirely sure I passed muster. So, not sure I will call. I need a professional to help me finish my yard. I need work done that I can't do. But, it is harder to find then you may think....more

Am I a writer?

I feel the need to write and the fear aim just not a writer. I am a reader, a voracious reader. I eat books and live through, learn through them. I love words, I love to share stories and I feel I have something to say, something to share. But, my past attempts at blogging and journaling have all petered out. I let them drop. I let them go. But, tonight, after reading some great blogs from women with great voices. Sharing tips, grief, health, sex and more, I thought heck, let's start again. Will I keep it up? I mean to. Who am I?...more