The Outside is Deceiving

It was my week to bring snacks. Most of the time I know exactly what I want to make, something home made and yummy. This week, however went much differently than expected. At the last minute, I remembered. At the last minute, I reminded myself that I needed said snacks only after I remembered we were out of milk. Ever have those days?...more

History Reminders

I just recently completed yet another college class on my journey to get my degree. It was a history class. The class itself was pretty interesting and reminded me of how far the "good news" had to travel, it had to journey on its way to me. History is a great reminder of how not to make mistakes but more importantly we must be willing to teach this history to the next generation....more
Amen sister!!!! Thanks for encouraging us on!more

Wholly, Hole-ly, Holy Living

Jumping into the world of blogging isn't exactly new to me but the different formats out there are truly making blogging much more accessible and easier for the general blogger. InspirReD by a friend who recently stepped out of her comfort zone and started sharing her heart reminds me of the issue of whole living....more
Amen, sister!!! What a wonderful blessing that we can let God lead and be on this journey together!more