To My Beautiful Lumen on Father's Day

When my ex-husband Keith and I decided to divorce, I thought my chances of having a second child at my age were no more.  When I reminded myself that there are other ways to conceive a child besides the conventional way, within a marriage, with a husband, I thought about my life and how I hadn't taken many traditional routes, hadn't done things in orthodox ways, and didn't altogether comprehend the lure of the mainstream....more

Father's Day - Thank You for the Music

It’s Father’s Day, and for those that have followed my blog, you are aware of the love and admiration I have for my dad. Although we speak regularly, it has not been easy living in different countries. There are things I miss about him – his quiet way, his cooking – but what really saddens me is the time he and my son are missing together. I tell my son stories about his grandpa, show him photos, and remind him of all the times they wrestled around as superheroes and played on the beach....more

My Tyke’s Treasure Trove of Tantalizing Trinkets

What feels like fourscore and seven years ago, I put my quarter into a toy vending machine and magically, not one, but two bubble cases came out.  The first case had a black, plastic spider ring in it and the second a marbled bouncy ball.  These two items remained my coveted treasures for months.  They became familiar with every pocket lining in my wardrobe, the warmth of my closed fist and my perpetual ogling.  I loved them like Mrs. Beckham loves her Louboutins.  Maybe even more. ...more

Happy Mother's Day to My Village Peeps

 It takes a village to raise a child.  And apparently one to champion this mother.  ...more

The Mother Load of Art


The Mother of All Gifts. Literally.

If I think about who, what, where and when I am, the answers usually involve being a mother.  The why and the how do as well; however, the responses are much more intricate.  I’m unsure as to whether I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but I seem to have been born with a hyperempathy that has compelled me to want to care for and protect people, to hug complete strangers, to feed them, to wipe their tears away. ...more

I Scream, You Scream

Thrifty’s Mint n Chip ice cream.  Knee-high to a grasshopper, I remember it being all of 15 cents (9 pence) for a single scoop.  Each lick of the green and brown stuff was like arctic euphoria, and this flavour remained my favoured frosty friend for years.  That is, until I sampled butter pecan and green tea flavours.  And then those two fellas from Vermont had me hooked on their Vanilla Toffee Crunch.  I could easily eat a whole pint in one go.  Ditto for Haagen Dazs’ Pralines and Cream, which has served as my glacial gratifier for the last handful of years.&n...more

A Tale of Divorce That Is Really a Love Story: An Open, Heartfelt Letter to My Sweet Son

Here I am, my little Enlai, contemplating underneathness and upsides.  Optimism holds my hand, but occasionally I feel its fingers loosening.  And it is during these moments that I think of you, your curiosity, your laugh when I do my master Winnie the Pooh impersonation, your top-o-the-lungs shouting to anyone who would listen at the playground that you needed a plaster because your ma tripped and fell while chasing you, your desire to kiss my eyelids just as I’ve always kissed yours. ...more

I Heart Art

Art streams through my arteries and veins and swims through my synapses.  The smell of paint and darkroom chemicals have claimed their permanent spot in my ol’ olfactories, and the sound of nails being hammered through canvas into a wood stretcher are locked into my auditory system.  From a young age, art has been a fixture in my life....more

Itchin' To Write This One

Common.  Usually mild.  Typically requires no special medical treatment.  All this was lost on me, for as a mother, I dreaded chicken pox more than weaning, more than potty training, more than the bedtime routine gone bad because some little fella has decided that bedtimes are overrated, and he’s opting out of the night-night nonsense.  I’m no good with bumps, red and blistery or otherwise.  I get the itchies when I see protuberances on noni, lychee and particularly craggy squash.  When I noticed three suspicious varicella-zoster virus spots rearing the...more