Hair Bow Knitting Pattern

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I love it.  Knitting is so much fun.more

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Trick-or-treating for Unicef and other ways to care on Halloween

My favorite twin boys in the whole wide world, Ben and Alex, will be Trick-or-Treating for Unicef this Halloween. Since none of you are in the Babylon area (probably) and they cannot come Trick-or-Treat at your door, go here to donate to Unicef. This is really a situation in which every penny counts. Here are some figures: 6¢ provides water for 1 thirsty kid$2 provides nutrition for 1 hungry kid ...more

Teaching Korean Third-Graders About the Holocaust

Everything else in the world disappears when you have to teach about the Holocaust to Korean third graders who have at most a vague idea of who the Nazis were. My best explanation of why, for a third grade ESL level was, ...more

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At your age, I was working very hard to tell lies of the opposite type - that I had NOT made out ...more