Lessons in Humility

Lessons in Humility  ...more

I believe

I Believe…   I believe, in spreading kindness and generosity, just for the sake of being kind and generous.   I believe, that every child is unique, and deserves focused attention in the school AND home environment.   I believe, in the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done unto your self.   I believe, in good food, good music, and good company.   I believe, pets are living creatures, and deserve to be well taken care of.  ...more

Chai Spice Cheesecake

As you may have figured by now, I’m a little hormonal.   Okay, I’m a LOT hormonal. And, I’m not talking just figuratively. My doctor confirmed it. I have extra high levels of testosterone and estrogen in my body. The testosterone gives me acne, and perhaps the ability to relate to men and their feelings just a little bit better. The estrogen gives me a heavy topside, fertility, headaches, mood swings, and an uncanny ability to mother people, foresee trouble, and counsel people. With my hormone levels as they are, I’m EXTREMELY sensitive to pregnancy hormones....more


I have set myself up to begin two new projects. When I finally get out of my parent's driveway (everyone cross your fingers that it happens soon), I am starting a cooking project. My Aunt Sally bought me The Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas, so I will be cooking my way through it. I'm very mch looking forward to it. The second must wait for Spring/Summer. That project is canning. I used to help my mother can when I was little, but as her business picked up, she had less and less time to can. So now I'm deciding that I need to teach myself to can....more

Bitterness is not Becoming

It's been a while since I've posted. It's our busy season here at the office, as we prepare our client's for their year ends and taxes. Last night I was in the office 'till 7:30pm. And I've got nothin' on my boss lady or her right hand....more

"and it's ending with blueberry pancakes!"

I visited with my baby sister Friday night. She’s probably my favorite person in the whole world (sorry Bear!). She knows me better than I know myself. We’re 18 months apart, and had a childhood that reflected it. As youngster, we fought, often. Still, it was never okay for anyone else to fight with either of us. We’ve always had each other’s back, NO MATTER WHAT. As we grew into our teenage adolescence, we grew closer. We had more similar interests, and even though we had quite different personalities, we blended well. I can remember more than once, getting in trouble with our parents....more

Creamy Black Bean and Chicken Soup

For those of you who don't know me (okay, all of you), I'm going to say outright: I hardly ever give basic directions. If you can't cook basics already, you probably wont be able to follow my recipes. I'm not a "by-the-book" cook. That doesn't mean that I don't cook other people's recipes, or that I don't use other recipes to inspire me. It just means, that pretty much none of MY recipes have instructions. Maybe I'm that way because I grew up cooking old family recipes that never had directions. I make my great-grandmother's cranberry salad every year for Thanksgiving....more


Last night I thought of about twelve different things to write about, today. This morning, I woke up with a raging migraine. Needless to say, those ideas are all stored somewhere in my brain behind the migraine, and shall not be arriving until it's taken out.I've been having strange dreams lately. It's not that unusual for me I suppose. I've always had some crazy dreams. Mostly nightmares. Thank the good Lord though, they've just been strange lately, no nightmares! Maybe part of my health regime should include more accupuncture. That shit is amazing! Anyone ever tried it?...more

On Another Note

I joined up with weight watchers yesterday. Funny how stuff adds up. I never think about the food I eat. I just eat. My biggest problem is that I just don't need to eat very much. I'm short, and I don't get much physical exercise, and I eat multiple small meals throughout the day, instead of a couple big ones. At least, that's how it used to be. After people gave me so much crap, I just started eating "like a normal person". Now I'm 20 punds over my desired weight, 10 pounds over my personal weight limit (and the heaviest I've ever been), and 2 pounds over my "healthy weight range". ...more

Divine Enchiladas

This is one of the first dishes I can say I've truly created my own recipe for. It took a lot of practice, and changing up the recipe, but I finally got it how I like it. I think the best thing about enchiladas is the fact that you can basically make them any way you like. I prefer chicken, or shredded beef. You could very well use ground beef here, or spinach and rice for a vegetarian version.**DISCLAIMER** This recipe is not "authentic"....more