10 Ways to Avoid Organizing Overwhelm

Today debuts a new feature here on BlogHer.  As we move forward into 2010 we'll be answering the question "if you only had 10....".  Topics will be specific to getting organized and achieving balance and order in your life.  I've been chosen to start us off here today but others will join in with their "10" lists to encourage and support you as well over the next couple of weeks. ...more

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Holiday Housekeeping Tips

When I sat down to write this article on holiday housekeeping tips I had my doubts that I had anything helpful to offer to the topic.  I mean really?  I don't spend a lot of time on housekeeping and I certainly don't stress about it.  But then it occurred to me that the reason I'm able to keep the cleaning to a minimum is due to some of the simple practices I utilize in my home on a regular basis.  These consistent steps, centered around the idea of keeping it simple and not sweating the small stuff, make it possible for me to have my house ready for company in 15 minute...more

I always laugh at my husband when he cleans, because he instantly goes to a window to open ...more

Get organized before the holiday rush begins

Many people don't start thinking about the holidays until its right under our nose and then panic sets in because of the amount we want to try and get down in a short period of time.  Every year we say to ourselves, this year will be different and the good news is that with a little advance planning, it can be!  There are 7 weeks until Christmas; the time to get organized is now before the holiday rush kicks in.Where to start...more

This is awesome, the 15 min task list is something that I can do for all tasks, not just ...more