Blossom vs. Clarissa? No contest!

While I normally don't care to weigh in on celebrity issues of little importance, I must say I was riled up by this Jezebel post pitting 90s TV series Blossom against Clarissa Explains It All. ...more

Call them up! I need to know I'm not alone here.

Also, was Clarissa on cable? I have no ...more

Credit-card companies are watching your every move (and why you should be very afraid)

Tthere's a scary article in the New York Times Magazine this weekend entitled "What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You?", which discusses the manipulative and Big Brother-like ways credit-card companies profile and amateur psychologize their patients, er... clients into paying the money they owe. I must admit I was quite horrified, after reading the piece, and immediately forwarded it to a friend who has worked at various banking institutions over the past ten years. But is this article really something we should be worried about, as consumers? ...more

Best plants for clean air

I just read an interesting post on Apartment Therapy, which described the best three plants everyone should have in their home or office. The post is entitled "Hot Tip: The Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality," and offers advice from Indian researcher Kamal Meattle. ...more

Let me see your Writer's License, please

Maybe I skipped a day in my English Literature classes when they explained this one, but I was always under the impression that "poetic license" was just a turn of phrase, not an actual license. Turns out I was wrong: according to an article I just read on Writers Weekly, entitled "She's Got a License to Write," it seems you really DO need a license to write. ...more