Hello dear readers have look and comment http://t.co/s1pOrMSY...more

If you want a news ideas for your style FALL/WINTER 2010/11...

eBay Annunci - Gli annunci gratuiti di eBay.it - Facile, gratis, vicino a te!Hi how are you? If you want some ideas for your new style Fall / Winter 2010/11, I would suggest buying vintage clothes and really really cheap quality .. Heads Italian tailoring of clothes, furs, leather bags and accessories . All individuals or leaders, really original year of "70," 80, "90 .. This is a smart shopper who is in times of crisis, but you shall be glamorous!...more

But i'm tyred

But i'm tyred.. i don't will go for a wolk tonight... ohh! damn! i will keeping only thats shoes! Waht u thinking about my friends ...more

tonight i will go for a wolk!

Yes! i polished my home now ,but i thinking when ...tonight i will go for a wolk with my shoes... Geek! Do u like my shoes? see u! ...more

I have a lot of work to do! Damn!

Yes my dear friends.. i have a lot of work to do...Why? Yes i'm alone today and  in my sweet home is springtime cause is sunny a lot too...Well  i keep my "Mistermuscle dry" and i clean my home...Ohh ! what's wonderfull sunday! ...more

St.Patrick's Day Nails

Lol!  Have a crazy  St. Patrick's Day ...more

Hy there..wath u celebrate the S.Patrick day?

Hi There wath u celebrate the S.Patrick Day? do u eating, or  do u going out for a walk, or do u shopping.. wath u doing today.. i'm curious..Bye 4 now and see u ...more

Hairdressing &Italianstyle...Sure!

Hairdressing and italian style..yes! the "cancaneuses style " is a new look in 2009  Lol! is very fashion choice...sure! ...more

50 years! Happy Birthdays

Good looke ma Barbie and Happy Birthdays! ...more

100 years ago.

The Triangle Factory..100 years a go. February 1909 in the fire  died 146 victimes, a lot of thery was womens... Today we celebrate "March 2009! ...more