Being Here

My world is changing yet again.  Having a temporary stay in Sedona has had its ups and downs.  I adventured out a bit, witnessed a Black Hawk attack a Great Blue Herron in mid air, protecting his territory, or so the ranger and I surmised.  And I’ve made some unexpected yet dear friends whom I’ve had to say so long to, and wonder if we really will see each other again.  I’ve learned as much as I’m going to about the Gerson Therapy, and feel that my faith and hope is in the right place.  Treating the body, not the disease feels right to me.  My body is pure, and...more

Welcome to Arizona

Sedona Arizona is the new place I rest my head at night, and will be for the next three weeks.  How quickly things change, flexible, being my motto.  Feeling lucky enough to reconnect at least once with most of my friends and family during my two week stay at “home”, I jumped on a plane to Las Vegas and drove my Uncle Steve’s brand new pick-up truck to Phoenix, then back to Sedona for a ‘Wellness’ center, A.K.A. cancer treatment center.  Driving in downtown Las Vegas and Phoenix being the scariest thing I’ve done in the past year, by far! ...more

A Thankful Time

Here I sit Thursday morning staring at the vast open fields leading to the still snow peaked Bitterroot Mountains.  The clock on my computer says 5:20pm, still on Chambéry time.  I wonder when it will change over, perhaps knowing better than I when the time will be right.  Preparing, parting, and traveling were busy but smooth.  Too many movies to watch, and maybe a little anxiety left me sleep deprived in more ways than the average 28-hour voyage....more

A Salad

I’ve spent the last two days inside my tiny apartment nursing a stubborn cold.  In my bedroom rather.  I guess they are one in the same really.  I’ve spent a lot of time in this room.  It has served as my bedroom, our living room, our dining room, and a guest bedroom.  My walls are covered in postcards from our travels, inspirational quotes rewritten in my favorite calligraphy pen and the four-foot words HAPPY BDAY, Collin’s contribution to my special day last fall.  When we first arrived these walls were blank, an off-white zigzag patterned nothingness with br...more


Our local park we like to frequent held a little festival this weekend promoting equitable commerce, reduction of inequalities, education, peace, and cultural respect.  Booths from Cambodia, the Caribbean, Africa, and more were brimming with artisanal wares, authentic cuisine, and native clothing.  The rhythms of African drumming, southeastern Algerian, and traditional Flamenco music coupled with the essence of fresh fatayas, empanadas, and dorowat accompanied our stroll through the park....more

Je suis contente

I ran and jumped and frolicked today.  Taking a break from his studies Collin and I headed to explore an area upstream of several waterfalls we have frequented.  The water has carved deep smooth paths through the stone creating pools of cool water that weave down the mountain.  One can hop across the narrow passages of water from one precarious perch to another, making way up the slippery rock.  Today’s adventure was just silly with “random running”, “don’t know the word hole, but know flow, does that help?” and crazy stinging plants that left small “bubbles” on our legs...more


This morning I felt blessed to begin my day in the hills surrounding my little town. I was so happy to be out. So much has changed since I’d been there last.  The birds were singing their hearts out, louder than I remember.  The trees are full now with their greens, blanketing the mountains.  And I felt like I was the only one out and about, with nature buzzing around me, alone yet not. ...more

Les Alpes

I spent last weekend in the Alps with Collin and the other Americans studying in Chambéry for the past trimester.  We had the option of snowboarding but the lack of snow as we pulled into the lodge made our decision not to spend the 40 Euros for the forfait (ticket) much easier.  We spent three days hiking, ice-skating, and getting to know one another.  There is even a gal from Tennessee, going to school at the University of Montana!  It was so wonderful to meet these amazing young ladies emanating 'home'.  I thought, how awesome are these brave young girls, out in ...more


Salut mes cher amis! Life is lovely here in Chambéry as it is blooming its way to Spring.  I spent my mid-Sunday meandering along a little stream admiring life emerging everywhere, what beauty! This last week marks the end of another trimester of school, and for me, my final week with the University of Savoie.  Truthfully I am a little sad.  I’m left thinking about the French word “ensemble”, translated as “together”....more

Adventure On!

Here I rest, another Sunday afternoon, waiting for our soup to come to its simmering goodness. Collin is finishing up homework after a two-week break from school, which we spent exploring lovely Italy.  It was quite the experience to say the least, empowering yet humbling.  It wasn’t a true test of our newly acquired and still improving linguistic skills, but they came in handy nonetheless.   My default language has become French, which is amusing.  Collin always chuckled at my French responses to Italian questions....more