A long Weekend ahead

We have been very luck these past few weeks to have the Sunshineman with us a lot.  The custody agreement in place is such that my daughter has him when the soon to be ex son in law is at work. She works three days a week right now, so when she works we get to have him stay with us.  And with her at work during his weeks we get to have Sunshine those days too, his Dad drops him off and picks him up from us.   ...more

A long, emotional year

The end of a long year   ...more

Ta Da!

So today I am a little stiff and sore, but it is the soreness that is livable and good. My arms and legs may not be thrilled with me, but my office - and my hubby are.  heehee So here is the new monster... The way it is set makes it actually not too much futher out than the other was ...more

Tick Tock Tick Tock

So it is almost countdown time to the mediation. ...more

The ripple effect

So it is finally time. My soon to be ex son in law has had papers served to my Daughter and the mediation and court dates looms in not to distant future. It has been a truly rough 9 months since they separated. Months filled with pain and heartache for a number of people. I often wonder if people realize the effects that a separation, and later a divorce have on a family. Outside of the core family. The ripples that splash through layers and layers, each one pushing further and further out causing new ripples on their own. We had a relationship with the SIL, or so I thought....more

The Pillow project, in which the fabric gets its way

A few years ago (yes, I did type "years"), I began a project.     ...more