ww: stripes & lace

This top is one of the very few things I have ever bought after seeing it on Pinterest. But I couldn’t resist! I love the stripes mixed with the lace sleeves ....more

it works

after having baby #3 i was looking for something to help ‘tone it up’ quick. Like Jessica Alba quick but without the sit-ups. I tried the Defining Gel (Body Contouring Gel from It Works…and well…it does work!) My results were not as dramatic as these but i definitely noticed a difference in my before/after!! ...more

statement necklaces

statement jewelry is kind of my thing. I would rather buy a bold necklace than a new article of clothing because jewelry can switch up the clothes I already have! I love the transformative nature of a statement piece ....more

flat iron style

i am constantly being asked which of all the flat irons is my favorite. i feel like i’ve tried a ton of the mainstream flat irons out there. i was a huge CHI lover for quite some time but, without fail, they would always break on me in less than one year’s time ....more

WW: the little black dress

what in life is better than a lbd? ...more

Trying out Project Runway Makeup Looks with Mary Kay

Mary Kay® is Project Runway Season 13's official beauty sponsor. We love watching the creativity unfold onto the runway and are always inspired by the hair and makeup stylists. Mary Kay has asked us to recreate two different looks that were shown on the latest season of Project Runway....more

foundation brushes

Many people wonder what foundation brush is best for them and their foundation. There are so many to choose from, and today I am here to decode them for you! 1/ mac 190 foundation brush: this is a basic foundation brush and my go-to ....more

Rozge lipgloss

We are lipgloss addicts. Once, I was playing a game at a baby shower where you got points for having certain things in your purse. I had 21 lip products! ...more

modern wrap

seems like there is always some new product every time i have a baby and this time around it is modern wrap. i used carriers with my other two a handful of times because they always hurt my back and were uncomfortable. ...more