Having My Say: Trayvon, Juror B-29 & Parenting While Brown

I've been delaying the inevitable -- returning to my blog to write through my hurt regarding the murder of 17 yr old Trayvon Martin, and all the brutal [race in America] truths that slapped me REPEATEDLY in the face during the trial of George Zimmerman and following his acquittal of ALL charges related to Trayvon's d...more
@Tisha_Starr Hi Tisha! The point you raised re: race not mattering in respect to the ...more

Turning Our Pain Over Trayvon Martin Into A Movement

It's raining hard in Charlotte this morning. As if Mother Earth is attempting to wash away the sour aftertaste left by three weeks of a "nothing's off limits" trial and a late-night verdict finding George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. ...more
In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, we're seeing people of all races uniting in support of ...more

I Am Trayvon's Mom Too...

Tumblr: IAmTrayvonsMomToo.tumblr.com Today as I watch the closing arguments in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, my heart is heavy. Whatever the outcome, there will be no real "victors" or "winners" when the verdict is delivered. The lives of both families - Martin/Fulton and Zimmerman - are FOREVER tragically altered. I posted via my personal blog yesterday, that when I look at Sybrina Fulton's face (Trayvon's Mom), I see myself and the mothers of brown sons closest to me. ...more
@June's Jewels TY June! Sad & interesting times indeed...more