Ghosts in the Nursery?

For the past few nights I have been hearing a rhythmic tapping sound on the monitor coming from James' room. I usually brush it off because I am mostly asleep and figure he was just re-situating himself in the crib. Well, last night I was still up and I heard the tapping start on the monitor. I don't hear him rustle around, so I know he is asleep and something else has go to be making that sound in his room.Tap...tap...tap...tap....more
LOL! I would have done the same thing! Once they start moving they never stop :)more

The Four Stages of High Chair Emotions.

 Banana? Have you met my friend the wall yet? No?...more

Circumcision and Mommy guilt.

Circumcision. One of my life's deepest regrets. I cannot believe that I let a nurse take my five day old infant from my arms and cut off a part of his penis. And why? I have no idea why. I had doubts about it but my husband insisted that the new baby, his son, be circumcised. I felt taken advantage of, like my thoughts didn't matter, especially since I don't have a penis (just the vagina that bore your son but whatevs). I remember after his check up the doctor said, "You need to wait in the waiting room now....more

Believing in my self-worth as a wife and new mother.

I always thought I would be super-wife and super-mom. I am so super not. I thought fulfilling my wifely duties such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc would be a breeze. I'll enjoy doing it because I'll be MARRIED and live in my own house!...more

Thank you for you encouragement. It means alot :)

Breastfeeding, babywearing, ...more

Oh yes. It was definitely a Monday.

Nothing big. It's just all those little annoying things that keep on happening. Like deciding to fix your vacuum cleaner at 8:00 am (to vacuum up the millions of dried puff fragments off the carpet) only to get it clogged on chewed up dog bone bits and have to take the damn thing apart.  Or accidentally hitting your child in the head (and knocking him over) while moving the exersaucer. Or tripping over the open dishwasher that you swore you'd keep closed now that you have a rugrat in the kitchen....more

Your child is not unconscious. He's just pooping.

Imagine your baby happily entertaining himself on the living room floor under the watchful eye of his doting father. Making sure no small objects are within reach, father goes for a quick restroom break in the bathroom that is right off the living room, well within hearing distance of baby. Meanwhile, you are on the other side of the house grabbing your sweater because you are all about to head to the park on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Your baby, who is now mobile (!), was left in the sitting position playing with a toy....more

when a bad day just becomes funny

These are the things that happened to me yesterday. I eventually just had to laugh. Day 3 of horrible head cold. oh, throw in some stomach trouble too. Did I eat glass for supper last night? pretty sure I did. James won't nap. What's new....more

The breastfeeding total elimantion diet is ovah! & how Zantac caused protein intolerance in my six mo old.

I have been eating whatever my little heart pleases for over a week now and James' poop looks better than ever! It's incredible. I am 100% convinced that the Ranitidine (Zantac) is what was causing the protein intolerances and horrible poop. His eczema has COMPLETELY cleared too. Unfreakinbelievable....more
Hi - I am curious if you remember how long it took until you noticed an improvement in your ...more

Body After Baby (what no one tells you) Hair Edition.

My body is astronomically different than it was before I had James. Okay, maybe that's a tad over exaggerated. My body is not as good as it was before I had James. It's a warzone. A battlefield....more