The Biggest Loser Record We Should Have Seen Coming... (contains spoilers)

Biggest Loser Personal Trainers and Show Host at the Season 15 Finale....more

As Good as a Feast

I have watched Disney's Mary Poppins numerous times. As a child I stomped around the living room demanding 'votes for women,'  imagined chortling myself up to a tea party on the ceiling, hopped in and out of chalk drawings, and swelled with the final notes of Let's go Fly a Kite. It is a completely enchanting film from start to finish. Recently I shared Mary Poppins with The Little Helping for the first time....more

Why I'm Voting 'Yes' for GMO Labeling

Food labels changed my life....more

5 Reasons I Won't Make "Kid Food" for Dinner

Top Five Reasons I don't make "kid food" It costs additional time and money to prepare multiple entrées. All the food we eat is suitable for children. My job as a parent is to teach my child how to become an adult. "Kid Foods" are often not the healthiest options It is my kitchen and I don't want to!...more
@emilyguybirken You are doing what you think is best so it most likely is.  Sometimes is tough eh?more

An Open Letter to Time Magazine and Dr. Oz.

As a simple home cook struggling to figure out how best to feed my family, the December 3rd issue of Time immediately drew my attention. Nested among a checkerboard of dynamic frozen food photos lay the promise of an “Anti-Food-Snob Diet” by the famed Dr. Oz. Preceding the article is a striking two full page plea that readers, “Give (frozen) peas a chance” “and carrots too.” Already an advocate for frozen produce, I was ready to learn more about the wonders available in my supermarket. I was prepared to throw my fist in the air and declare the frozen foods isle the final health frontier....more