Appreciate Your Spouse

Alex and I have topped 100 days on The Love Dare (HECK YEA BABY) and our most recently completed dare was all about appreciation.In short we had to spell out what traits the other had and that we appreciated in each other. I thought this was such a great dare and one that really, every couple should strive to do every week. Or heck, barring every week at the very least once a month!...more

Its a Loving Smile

The past few weeks we’ve kind of been lackadaisical in our Love Dare. In fact, we’ve considered quitting. It’s just been really hard to share the love.Moving a 3rd person into your home is hard. Its harder when you have different view points on the matter. I’m not going to pretend the last week has been super-duper easy (it hasn’t) but we keep plugging away. The church we attend (City on a Hill) did something really awesome and hosted a free showing of the movie Courageous....more

The Unexpected Diagnosis

Infertility is not something I ever expected to deal with in my life. Despite the knowledge that it existed in my family I just somehow assumed that this little “gift” would pass me by.Fast forward to Alex and I “trying but not trying” for over a year and no results and reality slapped me in the face.  I think it mostly tapped Alex on the shoulder if I’m honest. He has and had expressed interest in having children, but he’s also been more of a shrug-of-the-shoulders attitude towards it for awhile....more

The Ring That Changes Everything

The one thing you are told as you prep for marriage is how different things will be, but if you are like me - you don't believe people.Then you actually get married and WHOA BOY is it different. Who knew that a piece of paper changes every dynamic of your life. When you were dating you used to find it cute that your hubby dropped his socks by the front door, now that you are married you think to yourself "I have to live with THIS the rest of my life?!" Its a change.That's not to say all changes are bad, but they are a change. ...more