Infertility Doesn’t Just “Go Away”

Hi. That’s me, in the corner over there feeling a bit ashamed at my inner most dark twisty feels. Trying to come up with something to say, positive, congratulatory or hell how about I just bring up the weather? ...more

The Surrogacy Contract Checklist

Surro-What? Have you ever felt like you have been handed a pile of cooked spaghetti with super-glue as sauce and been told to untangle the noodles? That is kind of what we felt like the first time we sat down to try to think of everything that we needed to consider for our surrogacy contract with our Wonder-Surro....more

Current Surrogacy status: Talking to Someone

I don’t typically blush at the following words: Vagina Cervical Mucus Sperm Scrotum – although this word does make me immaturely giggle a little too much. The point is, we decided long ago to talk about the blushy type things that do make people uncomfortable. This includes our thoughts and of...more

When Miscarriage Happens in Surrogacy

Any loss is difficult. That grieving and unquenching pain increases exponentially with miscarriage or the loss of a child. Surrogacy adds even more complexity to this already intolerable heartache and spreads the potential for irreparable damage and inescapable depression ....more

The Loss That Cannot Speak Its Name

Sometimes loss is involuntary, sometimes voluntary, sometimes both. The story written below is an exceptional case where the emotionally nondescript loss of a child (simply because there are no words that can capture that loss) was realized as a result of a decision to terminate a pregnancy. Although this particular story also has its share of the more traditional veins of infertility discussed on our blog, the impossible decision of whether to continue a pregnancy, after experiencing difficulty in conceiving, or terminating the pregnancy in an effort to prevent undue suffering and hardship on the unborn child is something unique to our electronic pages ....more

When Miscarriage 30 Years ago was Just Silence

A lot has changed over the past few decades in...more

The Power of Our Light- Miscarriage and Infant Loss Blog Series

Ashley radiates light. Like you need shades when you are around her. ...more

If I Told You My Story… Miscarriage and Infant Loss Blog Series

Every October we open our blog to those who have suffered through the unimaginable, pregnancy and infant loss....more

Romancing the Recyclable

I held it in my hands....more

Back in the Stirrups Again

Candace- I signed my name on the check-in sheet, smiled at the receptionist and walked over to the couch next to Chris. As I walked over to that oh so familiar couch I had flash back of the first time I set foot in this same clinic. The feelings were much different then now, more naive, ripe with the fear of uncertainty and the unknown ....more