Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!

NaBloPoMo - Day Fourteen: Something I believe in. I don't get out that much during the week, but when the weekend rolls around I'm always bursting to get out.The other day we were driving into town and a bus passed us and on the side was printed - Some people are gay. Get over it!  ...more

How to build a family

NaBloPoMo- Day Thirteen: Building1. First you need a solid base to build on and then you're good to go. Sometimes a family is something that creates itself around you and sometimes you are the one who puts the building blocks together....more

Swimwear Struggles.

NaBloPoMo - Day Twelve: Swimwear dilemmas. We have decided that this coming weekend we are going to take the little man swimming for the first time. Seems like a great idea except for the fact that I have to find swimwear. Bleurgh!Since I'm in Scotland and it's coming up to winter there are no shops that have an array of swimming costumes on display for me to try on. Next step is to just head online. This is hard since I have huge 32FF knockers and am almost 6ft!! I'm in struggle town over here....more

My Swanky Sisters

NaBloPoMo - Day Eleven: SistersTodays post is another quick one as it is the weekend and there are a few other things I'd rather be doing. I just want to post about how funny my three little sisters are. They are 9, 7 and 4 and the highlight of their week is Saturday night. Not just because X Factor is on which they are obsessed with but because Saturday night has become 'Antipasti Night'....more

How was your Saturday?

NaBloPoMo - Day Ten: A Diary EntryToday my day wasn't that interesting but I feel like I accomplished a lot....more

Keeping it Fresh

NaBloPoMo - Day Nine: Long Distance (I've only got a short post today)I'm in a long distance relationship; with my mother.Since I left Australia we have skyped regularly but since her little grandson came along its important that we Skype; often. Which is good for me because I get to have an hour or so of adult interaction without leaving the house on these icy cold mornings.Now if any of you have been in a long distance relationship you'll know the key is to keeping things fresh and interesting....more

When boring met funny.

NaBloPoMo - Day Eight: PersonalitiesPhoto Credit: here ...more

Do you people listen or just plain eavesdrop?

NaBloPoMo - Day Seven: What can you hear? I love catching snippets of peoples conversations while I'm out. Whether I'm sitting in a cafe, shopping or just out for a walk. I hear a tiny bit of their conversation and then imagine the rest of the conversation....more

Keep Calm and Read A Book.

NaBloPoMo - Day Six: Reading. I hate it when you recommend a fantastic book and the person says 'I'll just watch the movie', grrrr this makes me mad all the way to my core....more

Clean up your act

NaBloPoMo - Day Five: Cleansperation If you ask anyone in my family they would tell you that I'm messy. In fact I’m sure that they wouldn’t even hesitate to rattle of endless stories about just how messy I am. When I was younger they would call me Feral Beryl because I always created a mess, and usually with my hair :)...more