So it's nearing the end

So I'm PMS-ing. Not the good kind - if there ever was any. Not the monthly kind that you know would come every month, or every other month depending on your cycle; not the one who will assure you that you can still bear children. Not that one. This is the permanent one. This year, I will turn 41. My mother hit her menopause by age 45, and so did her sisters. So unless I magically somehow found a man to impregnate me within the next year or so, I am 90% guaranteed to be (biological-) childless for the rest of my life. ...more

Reunions and the realization that you're getting old

My highschool's 20+ reunion is coming up. Everyone is excited. Except me. I don't see the reason why I should be excited to meet people I've not met in 20+ years. I friend most of them in facebook, of course - some of them are my actual classmates and/or best friends back then; some I don't even recall but apparently recall me and/or think they know me well and/or wish they knew me well (given that I was apparently quite popular in high school); some think they're my best friend for reasons I don't even know. ...more

Forty and whatnot

Oh hai, blogher! Been a while!I am now forty years old. For the records, that profile photo of me was taken almost a year ago - I think. Nothing much has changed, except for my hairstyle. It's now shorter, because I find it more manageable during workouts (not having to use a dozen pins to keep them from face during burpees, use less shampoo, etc - ye olde standard excuses for having short hair). Anyway. What's been happening to me?...more

Smart Girls get no love

I'm the evidence that smart girls get no love. When I was very young, my father taught me to be independent, smart, perpetually curious and question everything, and virtually genderless. I knew I was a girl. I knew that other girls would wear pink and be frilly and cry all the time - at least in my point of view. I knew other girls would play with little pots and pans and fake stoves and barbie dolls and dolls in general. ...more

Every loss is different, every grief is different

Dear Mr Taylor, It came to my notice that you and your bandmates have decided to market your next album under the tagline 'channeling grief into a hit album' - loosely paraphrased. You've dealt with a loss of one of you, and you decided to write about it and - again loosely pharaprased - 'let the fans see that grief is just a process. That you can go past it after a while.'...more

October hath passeth!

Yes, it's officially November here in Indonesia. NaNoWriMo has officially started. Annnd... I don't feel like participating this year. ...more

Blog = self -- it's time for me to talk to me

A lot have happened since the last time I blogged - and that would be... two years ago? I don't remember. I actually had to check my profile page to see that my last post was dated October 31, 2012. ...more

Eid al Adha, the Culmination of Hajj Pilgrimage

It's been a while since I food-blogged. Or blog for that matter. This entry  has been posted on my column. Eid al-Adha is a day in the Muslim calendar that marks the culmination of the Hajj pilgrimage. During this day, a Muslim is ordered to give sacrifice in the form of a four-legged animal; to symbolize the mercy of God by sparing Abraham of sacrificing his son, Ishmael, by turning him into a lamb....more

Who's wrong, really?

Today I face a dilemma. Some of the lawyers, including the one I'm the secretary for, is going to have a conference call with about half-dozen people from all over the globe - proverbially, thank heavens. Unfortunately, said people has grammar as good as a watermelon. This being a law office, said situation is ripe with possible misunderstandings et. al.At the previous conference call, a former Jr. Associate did something smart: He recorded the teleconference using his laptop. Unfortunately, said associate has resigned from this firm. Along with his laptop. ...more

Ye Olde Indonesian Staple: Gado-Gado

Gado-gado, staple Indonesian food with plethora of nutritional goods within, is fairly easy to make. Technically, the only things one needs to do are to steam or blanch some vegetables, pour in the peanut sauce, and it's done. For the time-challenged, the peanut sauce even often come in pre-packaged. All one needs to do is dilute it in hot water, and it is serve-able....more