Shasta: The Return to Journalism

Life can change so quickly. Little more than a month ago, I was a stay-at-home mom, and seemed destined to stay that way at least until the kids went to full-time school. Tired, drained and pulled in a million directions, I was ready to quit my tiny freelance reporting gig — because: who am I kidding? ...more

A Day in Our Life: From Hot Air Balloons to "Go Blazers!"

6:15 a.m.: I wake up to a gorgeous morning feeling fully rested. I open my curtains and see hot air balloons floating in the distance. 6:20 a.m.: I realize that — because it is the epitome of irony — the day that I wake up at 6:15 is the day my kids will finally sleep passed 6:30, which they have been doing for weeks like clockwork, no matter how tired I believe they ought to be.6:21 a.m.: I make myself some coffee ....more

How to Make a Medicine Spreadsheet Chart on Excel

OK, I admit it. I have trouble remembering to give Malachi his medicine. Even when I do, later I don't remember whether or not I actually did give it to him ....more

Adventures in Hippotherapy

You might think hippotherapy is some bizarre form of exercise with highly dangerous two-ton water cows. You would be wrong.Even though it is not called equitherapy, it has to do with horses. Some kind of Latin thing ....more

Silent Sunday: OMSI


Floor Time Frustration

Something I've really incorporated during the past year is how important it is to stay positive. As in, it actually improves outcomes to focus on what is going right and ignore what isn't.That said, it's time for a rant.A year after we first discovered the Anat Baniel Method, we went pretty hardcore into it. During the past two years, we've spent tens of thousands of dollars on lessons with senior practitioners, including Anat Baniel herself.A key point of ABM is to leave the child on his back on the floor as much as possible ....more

Using VitalStim to Counter Dysphagia in Kids with CP

When Malachi was first born and in the NICU, he ate more readily and gained weight faster than his identical twin. For several months, he was the larger of the two.It was not to last. He began to develop a strange behavior during breastfeeding ....more

Reaping the Rewards

Remember my post about the Risks and Rewards of Being a Medical Research Subject? Well, one of the rewards I forgot to mention is that they tend to give you money. For example, during last week's testing they gave us $20 ....more

Twinhood Scrambled

Today JJ is off on an adventure with his aunt, and I have been ruminating on twinhood and disability.I do this from time to time. Perhaps it's because I had only two months between when I found out my pregnancy was twins and when they arrived. It already seemed so hard to have twins ....more

Chia Seeds: A Simple and Fun Way to Make Your Kids WANT to Boost Their Fiber and Nutrition!

OK, this is a silly little post, but I'm quite proud of this idea, so I needed to share it. I put Chia Seeds, which are super nutritious and high in fiber, into a pepper shaker.Pay attention now because this is the key:...more