Nutrition Testing and Healthy Ideas

Karon Gibson RN CCM  recently hosted the TV show, Outspoken with Karon RN, interviewing guest and certified licensed Nutrition expert Jim Golick CCN .....the topics inlcuded are scrambled eggs good for you?  What type of salad is the best?  Should you eat at night?  What technology is available for testing your personal profile of food?......Another show featured Jim Golick CCN and Sally Nutini RN and healing touch therapist and Tony Koufos Naturopath, Reflexologist and Iridologist who wore the PostureNow  and   Dream Water for sleep was discussed as a nat...more

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Karon Gibson RN, CCM is the producer and host of the television show, Outspoken with Karon on cable and on the Internet at (Enter Outspokentvshows) or google Karon Gibson RN or Karon Gibson to find topics.  Topics include: health, safety, business, beauty, travel, dining etc. Interviews with authors and books are featured as well as innovators and innovative and healthy products. Karon Gibson is the President of AmericaNurse and the co author of Nurses On Our Own, the story of two Independent Nursing Practicioners who challenged the medical system and won....more