Us v. Us

Last week, the Islamic center in our city received an anonymous letter in the mail. It said that Trump should do to Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews in the 20th century. The fact this has happened, let alone that it happened here, and in 2016, is nothing short of jaw droopingly disgusting ....more

Four Point Five

Today my first baby is 4 and a half years old. I cannot believe that my tiny infant, the baby who made me a mom, is 6 months from being 5 years old. That I will be enrolling him in kindergarten in less than 2 months ....more

From Here

I never thought I’d be writing this. We lost. She lost ....more

Why a Trump Presidency Terrifies Me

This is a post about politics. I don’t think I’m going to change anyone’s mind, but I’m going to write this anyway. Feel free to walk away now if this is not your thing ....more

On Locker Room Talk

I have little intention of discussing politics here (I’m with her, and proudly, I might add), but I am going to set aside that plan for a moment. This is more important. Last week an audio recording surfaced of Donald Trump discussing that he has sexually assaulted women, and it’s okay because he’s famous ....more

Gut Struggles and Victories

About a month ago, we found out that William doesn’t have Celiac. I think I wrote he was being tested, but in case I didn’t, Will was tested for Celiac several weeks ago. Well, he asterisk doesn’t have Celiac because if he also has a different issue he could have Celiac, but we’re feeling pretty confident that the test result, sans-asterisk, is correct ....more

Into the Tube

A week or two ago, my Timehop app showed me a picture of Elijah at the eye doctor. I actually doubled checked the date because I didn’t think there was anyway that could’ve been a full year ago, and yet, it was. This event was only important because of why we made and attended that appointment- it was just a few weeks after Eli started complaining about headaches ....more

Growing Safely

On first glance at my kids, it would seem very obvious that Will is a harder kid to parent. And in a lot of ways, he is. He is more temperamental than Eli ever was ....more

First Day Feelings

This morning my baby started preschool. We are extremely lucky that Elijah was already enrolled at an amazing preschool that is one of the few places that takes non-potty trained 2 year olds, so it was a no-brainer to move William at the start of this school year. We went last week and met the teachers (Elijah’s is the same as he had all summer, so it was a sort of non-event for him) and we absolutely adore Will’s teacher ....more

What a Difference 2 Years Make

I am still just not over the fact that my baby is two. My baby. Two ....more