What a Difference 2 Months Make!

Think he’s grown much? 1 day! 1 month and 1 day! ...more

William: Month 2

Will- Today you are 2 months old! Ever since you were a few days old, I have felt like you were older than your chronological age and the feeling has only increased as time has gone on. Yesterday we participated in a developmental study and the researcher commented that you looked and acted older than 2 months in every way possible and it was nice to know that other people see it too ....more

Childcare Conundrum: Version 2.0

Everything that’s old is new again. 4 weeks from today, I return to work. I don’t particularly want to talk about this because I am devastated about it and there’s nothing I can do to stop the days from passing, but it is happening ....more


This is a post about breastfeeding. If that’s not your thing for any reason (like it you don’t like the word nipple, because I use that word way too many times), you’ll want to skip this. I promise it’s not sanctimonious or anything like that, it’s just very boob heavy ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: Graco 4Ever Review!

Before we get started on this I want to be completely transparent with this post. When I heard about this seat, I reached out to Graco and asked if I could review it. It’s one that has the potential to completely change the car seat market and I really wanted to find out for me and for you, if it was all it’s cracked up to be (spoiler alert: it is) ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: Preventing Accidental Hyperthermia [and Giveaway!]

While in some parts of the country the warm season is winding down, here on the west coast it is still blazing hot. And with the heat comes a scary and serious problem: hyperthermia. We’ve all read the stories about parents accidentally leaving their children in the car (and sometimes not so accidentally, but that is a different story altogether) and the tragic consequences, but all to often we think it could never happen to us ....more

What a Difference a Month Makes!

Time for round 2 of the monthly growth photos. We were lucky to get another adorable animal made by the same person. And I have told her that if she opens an etsy shop I will link it here because I love these animals ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: Aftermarket Products

This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week and as such I’m going to try hard to get back on the blogging train. In addition to this post there will be a small giveaway as well as a car seat review I’ve been working on. I have an unexpected out of town funeral on Friday, so depending upon how much time I have, the “week” may last more than 7 days ....more

William: Month 1

Will- Today you are one month old! This month flew by for us, I can’t believe it’s over. And at the same time, I feel like I’ve known you forever ....more

To the Woman at Target

To the Woman at Target- I don’t know if you even remember me. Our encounter on Wednesday was very brief, and I know I thanked you repeatedly, but I wanted to take a minute to elaborate on how grateful I am. Two weeks ago at the same checkout stand at the same Target, my son had a meltdown ....more