Beginnings, Odds and Ends

This was an exciting week. On Tuesday, my husband finished his very last day of his fellowship. It was a tough year, but he made it, he graduated with high praise and is now on real, actual vacation for the first time in a long time ....more

The Pony Fairy

A year and a few weeks ago, Eli fell face first onto the sidewalk at our old apartment. The impact pushed one of his front teeth backwards into his mouth, but we saw a dentist who said that it seemed like it would be fine. And for a while it was ....more

What a Difference 10 Months Make!

Poor bubby Will was not feeling well today and you can totally see it in the picture. It took mom, dad and Eli to get him to offer up even a partial smile. And of course he didn’t sit up so you can’t really tell how much he’s grown this month, but we’ll take it ....more

William: Month 10

Will- Today you are 10 months old. It’s hard to believe how close you are to being one, because it seems like you were just born. I feel like I blinked and you went from 7 to 10 months instantly ....more


A few years ago on our anniversary (back in the day before we had kids and I actually wrote things not a day late), I wrote about our year together. It was a tough year because my health was not great. I had been fighting with chronic headaches, gone through multiple procedures, taken leaves of absences from school and life was just hard ....more

The Orange Dinosaur Birthday

About a month before Eli’s birthday, I sat down and tried to plan his party. Unlike previous years, we were going to be in my hometown for his birthday, so we decided just to have his party there. We briefly considered also doing a party for his preschool friends, but ultimately decided that since we’re moving him to a new preschool soon anyway, that we’d do that next year instead ....more

Our Karma

Yesterday we lost our cat, Karma. I shouldn’t say lost, I know where she is. I was there when she left ....more

Moving Days are Over

Turns out this blog works for things other than monthly letters to my kids? I’m somewhat kidding, but also, we are still slowly emerging after our latest move. Last move ....more

What a Difference 9 Months Make!

We’ve reached the mobile baby attempts nose dives off the chair age. It took 3 of us to get the picture this time and thankfully he was in good spirits at the time so we didn’t have to try too many times. Safety awareness is clearly not a 9 month skill ....more

William: Month 9

Will- Today you are 9 months old! Three-quarters of the way to a year! It’s just mind boggling how quickly this year has gone ....more