I’m sorry if this pisses you off. I’m pissed off too.

I’m very much a live and let live person. You want to breastfeed your kid? Awesome ....more

Things We’re Doing Differently

We never believed that Eli’s disposition was the result of anything other than sheer luck, but I will say that I have been shocked every step of the way, how very different our boys are from one another. They are both very happy, but they have uniquely different likes and dislikes. They have very different schedules and ideas and just, they’re just not the same ....more

What a Difference 5 Months Make!

It seems like Will grew cognitively and developmentally quite a lot this month, but based on the picture, the same can’t really be said for size-wise. He is starting to outgrow some clothes so I know he’s growing, but maybe not really as noticeably as some other months. Also, trying to take this picture without my husband home was about 8 different kinds of difficult and a few kinds of dangerous too ....more

William: Month 5

Will- Today you are five months old! I cannot believe that you’re a mere month from being half a year old. It sounds so old and yet you’re so new ....more

Lean In

If you’re not into pity parties, this will not be something you want to read. I am having a day. That’s not true, I’m having a year ....more


Somewhat coincidentally, in the past week I’ve been involved in several online discussions about being a working parent. Since I only work 3 days a week I don’t share the same burdens or experiences as full time working parents and I try to be really respectful of that. I am grateful for the arrangement that I have ....more

2014 in Review

It’s the 4th year I’ve done this and I know probably everyone else is over this kind of thing already, but I’m not. So I’m doing it again. I find it kind of fun to go back and read previous years and see what has, and mostly what hasn’t, changed. 1 ....more


It has been quite a month. Just before Thanksgiving, the baby got a cold from daycare, his second in 3 weeks. He passed it along to me and I donated it generously to my husband, who got a horrible cough ....more

Review: Chuggington Icy Escapade Playset and Snow Rescue DVD

So I know what you’re thinking- why am I reviewing a kids toy right after the holidays? and that’s a reasonable question. Part of it is because the company just sent it to me and asked me to review it now, and part of it is because I love the combination of after holiday sales and holiday gift cards ....more

What a Difference 4 Months Make

Once again, the picture fell on a night where Will isn’t feeling great, so I wasn’t super hopeful for anything spectacular. I mostly just wanted to get one of him not crying. We eked out a little smile, so I’m going to call that a success ....more