Thanks Given

I know that Thanksgiving is not for a few more days, but I work tomorrow and then we’re traveling most of the next few days to try to see all the grandparents and other assorted family members, so I’m giving thanks a little early. I’m thankful first and foremost, for my family. For each and every one of them ....more

What a Difference 15 Months Make!

This was actually the easiest month to date. Will was in a pretty decent mood (despite waking up at 5am today…) and cooperated nicely. I just about died when I looked at the pictures and realized he was holding hands/arms with the raccoon ....more

William: Month 15

Will- Today you are 15 months old. You are starting to feel very much like a person and very much not like a baby. In the past 2-3 days you have made the switch to walking the majority of the time and it still catches me off guard a little bit ....more

What a Difference 3.5 Years Make

Oh this boy of mine. In addition to taking his picture with his lion, I asked him a few questions today to try to capture a bit of who he is at 3.5. Me: What is your favorite color? Elijah: Red Me: What is your favorite food? ...more

Three Point Five

Today my first baby is three and a half years old. How is that even possible? Age 3 has been something altogether different than anything I’ve experienced as a parent ....more

Weighty Matters

(Warning- for anyone sensitive to discussions about weight, that’s, uh, what this is.) When I got pregnant with Elijah, I was happy with my weight. It fluctuated slightly, but I was able to maintain it with minimal effort. I did not realize, at the time, how lucky I was ....more


My friend Yvonne...more

Cleaner Slate

You found me! Obviously, I have some explaining to do. Welcome to my new blog ....more

On the Treetop

I feel like I could easily re-devote this blog to what it is like to raise two children who are polar opposites because I would simply never run out of fodder. Will is not Eli. He is just, in no way, what we expected ....more

What a Difference 14 Months Make!

We had a close call tonight. I was nursing Will before bed and he was 90% asleep when I remembered that we had to take his raccoon picture. I didn’t have it in me to take his jammies off, so this month he’s dressed, but at least I remembered on the right day ....more