Finding the Right Care

Today we saw a new pediatrician for the boys. Well, sort of new. It was a pediatrician in the practice we used to go to before my husband’s fellowship ....more

A Beary Good Birthday Party

Eli’s first birthday party theme was based on a book (Oh the Places You’ll Go), so choosing to do a book theme for Will was a no brainer. And since Will is so bonded to his Corduroy, it seemed like an obvious choice to do a Corduroy party. I didn’t think I was being terribly creative, but I found that there were very few party decorations or favors to choose from when it came time to buy the decorations ....more

What a Difference 1 Year Makes!

This was officially the month where things went off the rails for Will. He wanted nothing to do with sitting on the chair and taking a picture and it took both my husband and me to get this picture done without him falling onto the floor. So, you’ll have to excuse that this month isn’t the greatest ....more

William: Year 1

Will- Today you are one year old. I’m kind of impressed with myself for actually writing this on time. Not because I’m busy, but because I am in denial ....more

Fresh Starts

It’s been over 2 weeks since my husband started his new job and I can barely begin to tell you how amazing it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. The hours are rough right now, rougher than they’re supposed to be, but his coworkers actually acknowledge this and are giving him a free day off to compensate ....more

Elijah and the Dentist

As with most things, the anticipation of having Eli’s tooth pulled was worse than the reality. But only barely because honestly, it sucked. We bought the book The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy last week because we realized that Eli had zero frame of reference for anything tooth related ....more

In Praise of the Big Kid

This has been a huge month of change for Eli. And I honestly just want to take a minute to brag about him. So, I’m going to unapologetically do that ....more

What a Difference 11 Months Make!

Poor second baby. I made it over 2 years with Eli before we forgot to take a lion picture and just 11 months with Will. In our defense, last night was not a particularly pleasant night between an overtired preschooler having a meltdown and an overtired infant wanting to go to bed at 7, we just completely forgot ....more

William: Month 11

Will- Today you are 11 months old. This has been a long month, but I cannot believe that you’re 1 month from being one year old. That seems impossible ....more

The Confidence to be Present

For several years, I participated in a bathing suit confidence week for a (now) mostly defunct website. This involved taking a picture of myself in a bathing suit I had picked out and posting it on the internet for all to see and comment on. I did it because I loved the idea of encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to put on their bathing suits and enjoy the summer ....more