Breastfeeding, 6 Months Later (Sponsored)

I find that I have a hard time writing about breastfeeding without putting a bunch of caveats onto it. So here they are. I know that this is going to wax a little pro-exclusive breastfeeding, but truly, I think formula is wonderful and I think mothers who feed their babies are wonderful ....more

GERDamn this sucks

I have hundreds of pictures of Williams smiling. People comment all the time about how happy he is and how fun he is and they are right. Will is truly an exceptionally happy baby ....more

The Difference Between the First and Second Baby

I never expected to be a different mom with Will than I was with Eli. I mean, I guess I did want to be happier and more laid back, but I didn’t anticipate that my parenting style would change as much as it has. And yet, here we are, and the second verse is very much not the same as the first ....more

What a Difference 6 Months Make!

So no, your eyes do not deceive you, Will does appear shorter this month. Tonight’s picture was a hot mess due to Will being super overtired and his parents being really set in their ways and unable to get him to bed when he’d like us to. I got 2 smiling pictures and a lot of arching and crying pictures ....more

William: Month 6

Will- Today you are 6! Months! Old! ...more

Heavy Things

Two friends of mine lost their father this weekend. He was a wonderful, kind man, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few times in the past decade. But even if I had never met him, knowing his children would be enough of a statement about what kind of person he was ....more

I’m sorry if this pisses you off. I’m pissed off too.

I’m very much a live and let live person. You want to breastfeed your kid? Awesome ....more

Things We’re Doing Differently

We never believed that Eli’s disposition was the result of anything other than sheer luck, but I will say that I have been shocked every step of the way, how very different our boys are from one another. They are both very happy, but they have uniquely different likes and dislikes. They have very different schedules and ideas and just, they’re just not the same ....more

What a Difference 5 Months Make!

It seems like Will grew cognitively and developmentally quite a lot this month, but based on the picture, the same can’t really be said for size-wise. He is starting to outgrow some clothes so I know he’s growing, but maybe not really as noticeably as some other months. Also, trying to take this picture without my husband home was about 8 different kinds of difficult and a few kinds of dangerous too ....more

William: Month 5

Will- Today you are five months old! I cannot believe that you’re a mere month from being half a year old. It sounds so old and yet you’re so new ....more