Teach Your Kids to Cope with Stress : They're Going to Copy You Anyhow

On a particularly stinky day in your life - how do you cope? Is it under the covers with a pint of the newest Ben & Jerry's? Hot bath with music? A cocktail (or 12)? Our children emulate our behavior, we all know that. Have you considered that your children will also imitate how you deal with stress?...more

Stop Telling Your Kid She’s Special All the Time– You May Screw Her Up Permanently

My mother calls us the “good job” generation; named after the almost fluid barrage of “good job” our generation of parents freely bestows on our children for even the most mundane task. “You washed your hands? Good job!” “You flushed the toilet? Good job!” “You didn’t kill the cat with a hammer? Good job!”...more