Enjoying Your Children (Mojo and All)

What Are Our Clothes Really Covering?

 Photo credit: photoxpress.comWritten By: Lisa Brent ...more

In Praise of Bad Singing

 Written By:  Suzanne Bouffard...more

"Living" With Endometriosis

Written By: Melanie Bates...more

SEEing With Magical Eyes on a New York Subway

Written By: Dr. Lissa RankinI’m sitting on the 1 Train of the NYC subway as I write this. It’s rush hour, so there are people everywhere. I’m lucky to have a seat next to a lovely older woman who is looking over my shoulder and smiling. When I went to New York for the first time and talked about how I was going to ride the subway instead of taking cabs, people from my hometown looked at me sideways, as if I had a death wish. “If you must, don’t look anyone in the eye,” someone said, and I never forgot it....more

I ride the 1 often. Maybe one day you will SEE me :Pmore

Seeing Susan Sarandon With Magical Eyes

Written By: Dana Theus...more

Finding Abundance by Facing Your Inner Critic

by Dana TheusI discovered recently that to release my inner critic – silencing his nattering in my ears – I had to meet him first. I’m working on some big stuff; working to make big things happen for myself, my family, my clients and for Owning Pink. This is BIG STUFF and I realized that to make BIG STUFF happen I was going to need some BIG ALLIES and so I reached out to God, the Universe and Everything and made The Big Ask. I mean, why not? Isn’t that what all the gurus say to do?...more

What’s Calling You? Tips For Listening to Signs from the Universe That Guide Your Path

by Lissa Rankin, MD At dinner the other night with a group of girlfriends, life coach Joy asked each of us, “What’s calling you?” Way to get a group of giddy, slightly tipsy girls to shut up and take notice, Joy!  The question stunned us into silence, but we were amazed at what came up.  ...more

10 Things You Need to be Vital

This week I saw my first patients at my new practice, The Owning Pink Center, an integrative medicine center for vital wellness. In honor of this, I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have on being not just well, but VITAL. Too many people (including doctors) settle for being merely “not sick.” But I believe we have the capacity for so much more. I believe we can get and keep our mojo, nurture the body so that it performs optimally, and live a joyful, fulfilled life....more