Top 10 Brand Truths to Adopt Into Every Day

I was pleased to see The Gap’s viral "It gets better" video. It was a nice switch of focus from the re-branding fiasco, and reminded me that the great consumer brands can teach us a few things about managing and presenting our own personal brand....more

First date, new place (Chicago is my kinda town...)

I had a first date tonight, my first with a new paramour - Chicago. Don’t you just love your first encounter with a new city? New York was the first city I fell in love with. I was not quite 21, and knew no-one. With all the chutzpa a bold young Aussie could muster, I talked my way across the Pacific, and then across the United States, under the auspices of visiting the world HQ of my employer....more

“I want the life that goes with these shoes…”

The hushed silence was suddenly disturbed by a piercing squeal of delight -"Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it!” All within ear-shot turned to stare. The accompanying female chorus joined in the shrill caucaughany as they gazed in disbelief at the banquet before them. The conspiratorial silence returned as they took a moment to breathe in the magnitude of it all. “Those girls must be from Australia” I remarked, “because we just don't have anything like this at home”....more

Lions and tigers and thread counts - oh my!

Sitting in my newly purchased regulation green cargo pants, perched anxiously on the side of our open top jeep, I could feel the beat of my pulse blasting a 21 gun salute to my imminent funeral. My breath was still and shallow as he walked toward me....more

Let's talk about your sole...

Yes that's right, the one that spends most of your life pressed to the ground or squeezed into some ridiculous (albeit gorgeous) shoe. The one you rarely think of (unless prompted by pain) yet spends most of its time carrying the weight of your life....more

Breast Friends Forever

The second doctor could have been the newest member of our book club (similar age and stylist); only her white coat and barely concealed aura of impending doom belied the news she carried into the perfectly composed consulting room. The air stood still. The moments to follow would pass in time-lapse photography, slow and stilted, stealing our innocence forever....more

Is your yoga practice "inside out" or "outside in"?

Sometimes yoga instruction can feel and sound like a Dr Seuss book – “Inside, outside, upside down…”. Staring at the figure in the mirror before you, it is easy to slip into external focus and critical examination – that bit’s too fat, too thin, too short etc. Judgment underpins our thoughts and intentions, outside-in. In the glaring intensity of the full-length mirror there is nowhere to hide from the confronting reflection fueling the noisy voice within. ...more

Thelma and Louise or Laverne and Shirley?

There is at least one moment in every woman's life when she dreams of undertaking her own Thelma-and-Louise adventure. Revered by my peer group for the female empowerment it portrayed, the movie is ultimately about how two women, trying to escape the doldrums of their everyday existence, encounter enough mayhem and adventure to choose driving their convertible off a cliff instead of returning to reality and facing the music their mayhem composed. I do not expect our road trip to be as eventful....more

Moonlight, Menopause and Magic Beans...

It crept up on me slowly, with the stealth of a navy seal crossing a deserted midnight beach, dodging the illumination of a brilliant Summer moon. Barely noticeable at first, it leapt, grabbed and tumbled me in the surf, filling my eyes and choking my throat with salty tears before I even realized what was happening. ...more

Menopause for me, was a conglomeration of external stressors on top of feeling poorly most of ...more