What's Opera, Doc?

Jinkesvelma has a terrific post up at Vintage Rock about Chuck Jones' famous cartoon, "What's Opera, Doc?": ...more

What I find delightful in the cartoons of yesteryear, are the scenes that married classical ...more

Her Jazz, On Stage With the Flaming Lips

Maria from Her Jazz has written a nice account of her experience at SCMX, and it includes her tale about landing on stage during the Flaming Lips' set. ...more

Collected Sounds Reviews KT Tunstall Live

Over at Collected Sounds, Amy has posted a review of a recent KT Tunstall show she went to. If you're a Tunstall fan, head over and check it out! ...more

Parker Revisits Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" at Vintage Rock Blog

Kristy Parker from Vintage Rock recently wrote an interesting piece about "Jeremy", the Pearl Jam video we probably all remember. Young boy in a classroom, young boy wrapped in an American flag against the flaming backdrop - those images are part of our collective memories thanks to the visual impact of the video and Eddie Vedder's poignant lyrics. ...more

The mention of Columbine is especially poingant to me as, a senior in HS, my (then) boyfriend ...more

Beautiful Pain Profiles Neko Case

Beautiful Pain is a music blog maintained by five women who all share a passion for music created and performed by other women. Their blog fuses mp3s, thorough artist profiles, album reviews and feature articles to comprise a really fantastic collection of information. ...more

I know that this might seem very perfectionist, and don't take it the wrong way... but I just ...more

Janet Timmons, Hardest Working Blogger in the World

Whenever I have days that drain me or overwhelm, I turn to Janet Timmons. Her music blog, Out the Other, is a really impressive collection of mp3s, reviews, thoughts and good old fashion information. She updates us on upcoming events, gives us sneak peeks at her radio show (wrvu.org) and even takes the time to round up interesting material on other sites to point us in some good directions. ...more

Suzanne Fritzsche's In House Concert

Suzanne Fritzsche is a piano player and singer living in Germany, and she's had a wonderful idea. She's giving an in-house concert for friends where she will perform Tori Amos songs on her piano and keyboard. ...more

Thanks for mentioning my concert. I'm at a loss for words.

(And yeah, Susanne Fritz, Susanne ...more

Cindy Hotpoint Laments the Declining Opera

After discovering that the Houston Grand Opera will finish the fiscal year with a 2 million dollar deficit, Cindy Hotpoint takes some time to raise the question, "Where are all the 20 and 30-something opera fans? ...more

Hi, y'all,

Long time opera buff here, and former Director of Communications for the Opera ...more

"Nuestro Himno", Electric Fences and Nelly Furtado: Music's Influence on the Immigration Rights Movement

Dr. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd's Interrobang column at Pitchfork continues to impress. Her latest piece details her history with "Cielito Lindo", an old Mexican folksong abused by American advertising executives, and its direct impact on her understanding of the current immigration rights movement taking place in the United States. ...more

Record Collecting in the Digital Age: O'Donnell Explains Soulseeking

Paige Maguire also blogs at her personal site. Mallory O'Donnell is discussing a subject near and dear to my heart: the problem of music collecting in the digital age. For most of us nearing the end of our 20's or slipping quietly into our 30's, there are memories of vinyl collections, dusty crates and boxes of Maxells lingering around to remind us of the days when our experience was music actually involved some sort of physical interaction with it as a product. ...more

I'm new to the blogher site, and new to blogging in general, so bear with me.

I grew up on ...more