Working Mothers' "Support Group"

I am starting a new support group called, “I am a good mother with a full time job and doing the best I can”.  There will be no support group meetings because we have no time, we will not meet in person, because we never get to leave our houses/offices.  Instead we will sit in our offices drinking a glass of wine (or stronger) reminding ourselves that we can only do what we can do and it’s ok that we don’t live and breathe our children 24 hours a day.  We will understand that full time moms who make stupid comments like, “Do you think your son is having a hard...more

Escalator Gymnastics Saved My Son’s Life

When my son was three years old and my daughter was three months old, we planned a trip to Disney World with another family.  As we headed towards security, my husband went into frequent flier mode.  You put my  best friend and better half in an airport and he’s all business, even on a trip for pleasure.  We had decided he would be in charge of my son and I would take t...more