A Very Puggy Portrait

Being a dog lover myself, what better gift is there for the dog enthusiast than a painting of their precious furry friend?Meet Puggles, my sister-in-law’s eight year old puggle. This piece was done in acrylics on a 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas for her birthday....more

The WWII Airplane

My brother loves history and anything to do with airplanes. He found a painting that he absolutely loved and asked me to do a recreation of it.The original painting by R.T. Horvath, pictured to the right, is of the 395th FS Thunderbolt on the approach to Chilbolton Air Base in England. ...more

The Backwoods of Punxsutawney

The Backwoods of Punxsutawney - Painted By KBI love being challenged, and this painting definitely put my skills to the test!...more

Leko's Puppy Portrait

Leko's Puppy Portrait – PaintedByKB...more