absolute nonsense.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the typical posting and mix it up some. A couple of thoughts from today: I LOVE that McDonald’s sells yummy parfaits (more like a desert) for only $1. $1! And I don’t feel terrible after having one! In fact, I want another one! The $8 in my checking account thanks me. ...more

Adventures in Set Designing

Recently I’ve taken on the position of “Set Designer” for a little production of 5 short plays. In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve really done something like this. But, I figured with 5 years of conceptual architecture school and a year of practice under my belt I’d at least be able to help move furniture around. We’re about a month out from opening night and the last pieces of the design are starting to come together and the search for the stage pieces is on. ...more

Monday Warmth

This morning the alarm went off at 7am as usual. As usual I hit the snooze till 7:10am. Then I just turned it off altogether and laid back in bed with the lights on. 7:30, 7:52, 8:15, 8:33 - finally up. It was one of those mornings you could feel the coldness seeping through the walls and antique single pane windows. The floors were cold and it felt like the radiators hadn’t been on in a while. ...more