Define your beauty

The Victoria’s Secret bag lay unopened on my bed....more

Talking about depression is more uncomfortable than a Pap test.

I could hardly breathe sitting alone on the examining table Tuesday morning, wearing nothing but a loose, unattractive gown that opened to the front and my black, grey and royal blue striped knee socks. At least with my socks on I didn’t feel completely naked. I picked them out especially for that morning because they are new and without holes. The blue stripe matched perfectly with the blue Tye-dyed scarf  I wore into the office, but of course my doctor would never know that; she’s never seen me dressed.I waited anxiously, staring at my socks.KNOCK. KNOCK....more

Lullabies I Never Sang: A Mother's Abortion and Regret

I’ve thought about this memory a thousand times, and wondered how to paint literary pictures of an inner battle still lingering inside. I feel it the most when I kiss my kids goodnight, tuck the covers around their chins, and listen to their prayers. I see the fruition of love and life in their faces, project splendid futures for them both, and thank my God every day for the privilege of being their parent.But I am missing one....more
Wow....your words "Only my child is in heaven because I put him there", is exactly how I feel. ...more

The Slowing Season of Allegro

The string quartet swayed together, their bodies rolling with each beat of  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, drawing me step by step down the aisle. My heart pumped in time with my feet, carrying me body and soul, closer and closer to this man I love, until we stood face to face, our breath intertwined, whispering “I Do”....more
Enjoy the quiet and cherish the noise. It's hard to find the balance between the two,but it is ...more

Alternate Breathing

She is wrapped in a towel before practice, waiting patiently on deck while her new coach introduces herself, explains what is expected. Her body stays hidden until she carefully slips into the water, shedding her protective skin poolside. I hold my breath, watching. She is a speck in the water, her blue capped head bobbing up and down the lane. Arms dart out in front, one after the other, stroke after stroke, stroke after stroke. Legs pedaling hard. It looks tedious. I am doubtful this new interest will last....more

The Easter Bunny called. Santa is dead.

I have worn many hats this week. Today was gardener, party planner, referee and nagging mom. Somewhere I misplaced my bunny ears....more

Welcome Home, Honey

*I have lovingly nicknamed my daughters The Tortoise and The Hare. The Tortoise is 13 and The Hare is 9. DW is my husband. Get to know them better at, My Pajama Days.  Having children four years apart has its advantages and disadvantages....more

Snippets From The Sidelines

“You only get so much field time because your parents are friends with the coach.” "You always get the solos because your mom volunteers in the class so much.” “I always score low because you’re so competitive and intimidate me.” "It's a good thing there were 5 spots or else you wouldn't have placed at all." “You’ll  never get into the college you want if you stay in this school district.” “Only weird kids are in the gifted classes.” ...more

Girl-illas in the Midst: Teaching Our Daughters how to Maneuver through the Friend Zone

For the last 12 1/2 years I have been living in the field studying my subjects. Hours have been painstakingly spent learning their eating habits, social dynamics, ability to adapt, and communication skills. I’ve collected valuable information about their predators and who are their  prey. Living among them has been difficult. At times I think my presence goes unnoticed, blending in to the environment and yet at other times, it is clear that they are visibly agitated that I exist. And yet, even with all this data, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of understanding this unpredictable creature called Girl....more

Thanks for this piece. I'm dealing with this stuff with my 4th grade daughter and everyday ...more

How Kids Ruin Your Friendships

Let's pretend I'm talking to a friend. One of my children decide they need me right now. However, the rule is ,if there are no broken bones, blood, or vomiting then don't interrupt. You wait your turn....more
The absolute worst scenario is the one I have been dealing with for the past year; I have a ...more