All my adult life I had very little money to call my own..The family had to come first and with a very low income in rural places we had to make lists of just the basics when groceries were needed. If we ran out of, say , sliced cheese part way through the month, we just did without. We had a family allowance cheque from the Canadian government that covered those basics once a month,  and of course we had to get fresh milk and fruit in between....more

Awesome women

Thinking of my cousin, in her wheelchair for most of her adult life, never giving up on cheerfully helping others..Imagine her wheeling up to her low counter and making a meal for her husband while he was out playing hockey..Mind you he does way more for her than most husbands do, and he knew from the day he married her about her disease. Still the man deserves a medal!...more


Biking down to the river...about 15 min.  and then sitting in the sun watching the mighty Kam rush by..What did the early explorers think of when they had a chance to sit on those banks? Up ahead the beautiful Mt.McKay shows off her new spring leaves. Moments like this with my husband makes me so glad we have moved back home after 44 years, to be a part of this place where we started. What a great life....more


Green lifestyle...spring leaves coming up green and our first canoe ride of the year in our brand new canoe, the only boat on the lake while many people walked along the trail around the lakeso good to be out there in nature, with a younger friend who hoisted that canoe onto his truck and drove us to the lake so we could christen our red canoe at last. Beautiful spot and pleased to be able to explore this lkae and many moe in the future too, not far from home....more


cooking,,,for we are at the retirement age when food should be enjoyed to its full...leisurely eaten.  prepared slowly with care......what happens most often?  we look in the fridge to see what can be thrown together in under a half hour..and all done eating in another half we can sit and watch our Deja View.  old time comdies all evening!...more