It’s a very Petey Christmas.

Petey has his very own Christmas tree this year, y’all. Seriously. Just ask him. Originally, we bought it for the whole family. Silly, I know, because what’s Petey’s is Petey’s, and what’s ours is Petey’s. A beautiful 10-foot tree that will barely fit in our house is a no-brainer: Petey’s. Once we got it home, we decorated it for him with his chew toys, those things more commonly known as ornaments. He loved them. He especially loved the tiny nest ...more

How do you spell love?

My parents took their kids and their kids’ kids to Jamaica over Christmas. Don’t worry, I’m not about to spin you an SAT math question about how old the 3rd cousin of my brother’s mother-in-law is. This is not that kind of post. This is a post about love. Mom and Dad got us all together in Jamaica because they love us, and they want us all to love each other. They should be quite pleased, then, because we do ....more

Pathetic plea for clicks, but it’s not for me.

Clark Kent’s Government teacher is giving extra credit and a 100 grade to the students whose video gets the most YouTube views. CK wants to leverage his mom’s readership for his grade. I told him that was not reflective of his efforts, but he assured it me it just showed he was social media savvy ....more

TGIF, People

Today has been tough. This week has been unexpected. Teenagers are hell. Greetings from Houston, where I am not supposed to be. Where I am not working on finishing my book, that’s due tomorrow. Here’s a pic of the flowers in my hotel room in Dallas, where my husband is without me. ...more

It’s No Contest

I don’t keep it much of a secret that I am a big fan of writing contests. As Garrett Morris used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Contests been veddy veddy good to me.” Or something like that, anyway ....more

Giving all my secrets away.


Let’s talk about being a winner.

Wanna be a winner? Wander over to an interview on behalf of Indie Book Reviewer by Natasha, and win a Kindle copy of my women’s fiction mystery, Saving Grace. Thanks for having me, Natasha! ...more

Spinning like Kristi Yamaguchi over here.

Anybody looking for a low paying but highly appreciated job as a personal assistant? LOL. I’m drowning, and it’s awesome ....more

To Nano or Not

I’ve written four novels; one is published (Saving Grace), and three are scheduled for publication over the next few years. Of these four, guess how many I drafted originally during the annual National Novel Writing Monthof November (NanoWriMo)? ** THREE ** ...more

Hell is slick and icy.

After 10 months off, I got in the water today. And swam (poorly and for only 20 minutes). I also rode my bicycle (poorly and for only 45 minutes). Eric and I each write every night in a fantastic “I Like” book given to us by my brother and his wife. Tonight, Eric wrote, “To see you in a swim suit.” Please note he did not write, “How you look in a swim suit.” I am, ahem, closing in on ...more