A Letter for My Friends

Dear You, I’m not a very good friend. This is one of the angels/demons of truth that has lighted upon my shoulder, whispering into my ear over the past month. There are many things I know about myself, some I choose to hide from you and some that just I hide from. Then there are those “things” that surface whether you want them to or not. The friend thing would be just that. ...more


nobody panic.... ...more

Raisin' Hell in Home Depot

courtesy of yours truly ...more

Sexperiment and Fireworks

these are NOT related     ...more

Just posted my first blog here, then read yours.  Not to sound totally trite, but loved and ...more

99 and Counting

THE GARDEN REPORT (sorry brother) We are out of the hundreds. It happened so fast! It seems like only two days ago….wait a minute… ...more

ADHD and Me

ADHD and Me my wicked little friend ...more

Rain Rain Go Away

in a minute.... There was a storm at our house last night. No, that isn’t code for family squabble or mommy erupting at spawn. There was thunder, lightening, water from clouds... the whole business. See, I like a storm, especially when I’m inside and there are no tornadoes or flying rabbit parts involved. I like night storms. I thought I always had. Until last night. I put the kiddos to bed a little later than usual, partly out of my desire to NOT unfold myself from my husbands lap, and also because they were being normal and I like them more that way. ...more

Thanks so much....now, I DIDN'T say the dancing was pretty, but it did help! :)



My Week (end) in Pictures

I decided to haul my camerrrAH around with me just to see what I might find. This is what found me: This is my cat....she doesn’t KNOW that she’s a cat, and I’m not tellin’ her. She assumes royal bloodline, and I roll with it. I would like to be her in my next life. ...more

Kid Funnies

 spawn rock! My week has been full of crap. I stepped in cat s@#t this morning, while I still had only 1/2 an eye open. There is nothing more vomit inducing for me than the squish of something between my toes. Heck, it could be chocolate and money, but if it squishes, between my toes, NASTY. Hopefully that didn't dictate the tone of my day. I'm thinkin' all positive right now to try to coax the universe to come back over on my side. I'll keep you posted. For today, a couple of funnies from my chilluns: ...more