Yoga, Chia Tea and Church

This has been the worst winter ever. I do not remember any winter this cold, snowy or long. Every time I need to go out of the house, I have a little talk with myself (sometime it becomes an argument). I frequently loss half of the argument (the half that wants to stay home and not subject myself to such torture) so I head out wrapped in at least five layers of clothing....more

My Zen

My Zen...more

the old crone

I just cannot escape this. ...more

A bad storm coming

There is a bad storm coming. It has been rumbling off in the distance for a long time now. I have always loved a good storm. That is Mother Nature’s storms. It is true though that Mother Nature does not discriminate.  She takes damaged and healthy out in her path. Although in time, there is always new growth after the storm. The clean smell in the air is always a welcome result.  Everything is now refreshed and nourished....more

What do we as women do for ourselves?

What do you do for yourself?What do we do as women for ourselves? This question was presented to me years ago in a woman’s health class. Of course, the instructor calls on me. Maybe I looked like someone that needed a wakeup call.I replied, “I get my hair done, buy new clothes.”  Decorate my house and I work out every day. ...more

Road constrution

Road construction...more

Our first Greyhound

 Jasmine was our first greyhound together. The C.O. had one prior to her. Jasmine was a playful soul. She had a great sense of humor. She liked to chase the friendly neighborhood deer, not for the reason you would think. She wanted them to chase her back. She would start chasing them and then turn around so they could chase her. They never caught on to that for some reason. She never gave up trying though....more

Baseball Americas favorite pass time

#Baseball is the Americans favorite pass time#. What is it that engages us so much about this game? I come from generations of Twins fans. Not a game went by without it either being on the radio or the television.  I remember the adults gathered around the radio sometimes in the wee hours of the night. You could hear laughter and cheering....more

Feeding Gods creatures


Why I love Footbal

It’s almost football season.Fall is approaching and I can just smell the football in the air. Joy and hope fills my heart with the anticipation of the new season. This time we will get it right. This is our year. . The crisp air brings a feeling of excitement.  My emotions start to run the gamut.  Just at the thought of it, the thought of the all-important super bowl (and it is my team winning by a large margin)....more