Happy Parents?

I’ve heard some interesting truths about happiness lately.  Particularly, happiness in relation to parenting.    Parenthood magazine recently reported that 53% of moms are satisfied with the state of their mental and emotional health.   Only 53% are simply “satisfied.”    I had heard of the statistic before that says people with children are NOT more likely to be happy than people without children.  But, I had not yet heard about this:   On an Oprah show about happiness, it was shared tha...more

Happiness for me is when they give me a big smile or a surprise hug. It's the best feeling in ...more

Baring my PPD Soul

Like many mothers, I look back on the infant stage with foggy recollection. This is not all due to sleep deprivation though. I feel like my experience as a new mother was also clouded with postpartum depression and anxiety. I have judged myself before for how I felt during that time, and there has been shame. After being able to read so many other blogs that have been beautifully honest about this issue, I feel comfortable in owning my experience as my own. Still, there are times when I see new moms, and they look so relaxed, so comfortable, so peaceful. I marvel at this....more

Master of Manipulation & the Big Boy Bed

For a few days, we had to fight a good fight while Parker adjusted to The Big Boy Bed. We have learned that there will be no new idea or change that occurs without some back-lash – kind of like the kick-back after shooting a gun. Parker would try to hold me down on his bed, not wanting me to leave. He would hang on to me. He would lie on the floor and cry. He would scream, “Mommy, help me!” over and over....more

Hope and Dum-Dums are all we got

Stress, excitement, anticipation, and STRESS. What a freakin’ day!  Holy cow. I’m watching all these elementary kids run out of the building like maniacs with small brains (well, seriously, their brains are actually, physically small).  Everyone is happy that it is Spring Break.  Now, at the end of this tiring day, I will pick up my own maniac-with-a-small-brain (and my husband), and off we will go, driving for many hours to begin our own Spring Break trip (you know, because we’re stupid).  I will still be around these here parts, checking...more

Your Marriage on Colic

In a quaint and cramped Mexican restaurant, my husband and I sat across from each other, hardly knowing what to talk about. So, we talked about our son. Our baby. Our beautiful, colicky, screaming baby. “What do you think they’re doing right now?” my husband asked. “Crying. They’re all crying,” I said cynically. My husband nodded silently and took another sip of his margarita. We had a night away on my birthday. Our son was with babysitters....more

Pre-Pregnancy Jeans - Friend or Foe?

“I’M IN MY PRE-PREGNANCY JEANS!!!!” I shrieked excitedly from the upstairs landing, thinking perhaps my announcement could be heard around the world. I had no idea that at that moment, Parker was walking down the stairs. The manic, celebratory wail must have been a shock to his little system because the poor little guy fell on his butt and slid all the way down to the wood floor below and then laid there, stunned. I was undeterred. I pranced downstairs (hoping the top of my butt didn’t fall out of the top of the jeans at the same time) to flaunt my stuff....more

At Least Toddlers are Entertaining!

Parker was playing on an old cell phone, pretending to talk to someone. I asked him, "Who're you talking to?" Parker replied, "A dude." ............... Yesterday, I got out of the shower and saw Parker sitting quietly waiting for me to come out....more

The Obsession Runs Deep

Toddlers and obsessions go hand in hand. Like many other children, my son had an intense Cars obsession for a long time. He still loves Cars and anything having to do with Cars very very much, but it is no longer an obsession. Now, The Obsession has moved on to hockey. You know it is an obsession when you tell people, “He really loves hockey,” and you know inside that doesn’t even begin to explain it....more

Keep Your Woody in Your Pants

I haven't been so sick in a long time. It's amazing how a fever really amps up the sucky feeling factor. I don't have energy for much right now, so I thought I would just share a quick funny that deserves its own post. A few nights ago, I was rocking Parker before bedtime and reading him a story. Parker suddenly interrupted me. "Mommy! My woody is out of my pants!" What?! I thought....more

Schedule, Interrupted

Last night I was struck by a couple of memories and then felt so grateful that there is calm in place of where there was so much worry. My friend’s daughter was having a birthday party.  I needed to take my son to the party, stay for a little while, meet some other friends for dinner, and then we were off as a whole family to a hockey game.  Last year, we did this same exact thing – attended the birthday party before a hockey game.  Except, last year, I was more frantic!  I was in a rush.  I was nervous about sticking to Parker’s SCHEDULE.  I wa...more