Crescent Almond Cookies: Bake a Difference with OXO

Delicious Crescent Almond Cookies Recipe from cookie expert Dorie Greenspan. This post is part of Baking a Difference with OXO for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. This post will help make the world a sweeter place ....more

Cuban Picadillo: Ground Beef Stew with Tomatoes Olives and Raisins

Cuban Picadillo is a ground beef stew with exciting layers of flavor that you can make in 35 minutes. Serve it with rice or mashed potatoes. Nothing is more tempting (unless you’re a vegetarian) than ground beef with tomato sauce, in whatever form it takes ....more

16 Best Foods to Grill This Weekend: The Best BBQ Recipes from Panning The Globe

16 Best BBQ Recipes from Panning The Globe Summer isn’t over yet. It’s time to get serious about squeezing in every last bit of summery enjoyment we possibly can. I know I won’t be in sleeveless tees and sandals for much longer ....more

Summer Chicken Tostada with Corn Zucchini and Avocado-Lime Salsa

Fresh Summer Chicken Tostada with Corn, Zucchini and Avocado-Lime Salsa There’s one concept I can always rely on for making a quick dinner that everyone loves: heap a bunch of stuff onto a tortilla, top with cheese, broil until the cheese is melted and gooey…. ...more

Chipotle Steak Fajitas with UNCLE BEN’S® Spanish Rice

I’m so happy to be partnering with UNCLE BEN’S®Brand in their campaign to stress the importance of families eating and cooking together, which is something I’m very passionate about! Later in this post I’ll tell you about the good stuff Uncle Ben’s is doing to get kids cooking, and I’ll show you how you can enter Ben’s Beginners™ Cooking Contest....more

Grilled Harissa Chicken Rice Bowl with Glazed Eggplant

Grilled Harissa Chicken Rice Bowl with Eggplant and Tomatoes – Easily transform chicken and eggplant into a mouthwatering meal with the magic of Harissa, North Africa’s addictively delicious chili paste....more

Grilled Chicken Sliders with BBQ-Carmelized Onions and Chipotle Coleslaw

The best grilled chicken sandwich ever! Mexican-spiced grilled chicken sliders with tangy bbq-caramelized onions and smoky chipotle coleslawBurgers beware. You’ve got some serious competition from this chicken sandwich! ...more

Chipotle Coleslaw

Chipotle Coleslaw: shredded cabbage salad with scallions, cilantro and a creamy, smoky, spicy chipotle dressing – delicious on sandwiches, sliders and with grilled meat, fish or chicken. I used to think all coleslaw was that overdressed, soggy, pale chopped cabbage that you sometimes get at restaurants. You know what I’m talking about ....more

Quick Turkey Ragu: Delicious Healthy Weeknight Meat Sauce Recipe

Quick Turkey Ragu: an easy recipe for rich tomatoey Italian meat sauce, made with ground turkey. Does anyone else eat meat sauce with a spoon? (standing in front of the fridge, cold, out of the pot…?) A good Italian meat sauce is totally irresistible to me ....more