Eye of the Eyelet - Eyelet Tutorial

I put off doing some crafts because I was scared of doing eyelets ! WELL NO MORE!! I have finally did it and I have been successfully doing eyelets since 2008 ;-) and now YOU can do the same : *enter some very amped music* ITS THE!...more

Inspiration Jar

Since becoming a mom, and this year being my first Mother's Day to celebrate, its become a different holiday to me. I realized that certainly takes a lot to be a parent, and I havn't even been at it for 4 months yet. I also realized that it been the best experience. I have always been grateful for my parents, but I am especially grateful in a new way. So this year I wanted to give my mom something I really thought was special. I saw the tutorial from Dana's Amazing blog, MADE....more

It would also be nice for a bloggy friend.

Contributing Editor Sassymonkey also blogs ...more

Simple Brooch & Medallion

I have lots of small bits around the craft space, and to utilize some that are under the category of "I'm going to need that some day..", I made a simple brooch & medallion. ...more

Our 2010 Spring Garden

This is such an exciting time of the year for us! Gardening Season! Here is the layout this year, more to come with updates as they get more and more pretty....more

Last Spring Hoop House

Hello :) This is last spring at my house and we did some serious construction. We are almost done but here is my hoop house and raised bed that I made for my garden. I will cover the bottom of the raised bed's floor with ** moist newspaper to prevent weeds and I will close off the ends of the house with the same netting. I made it so one side stays put permently and the other side draws up like a Roman Shade. enjoy! comments and crit welcome  ...more

Because I know nothing about hoop houses. Should I? It certainly looks neat. :) ...more