Food Adventures : Coriander

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Pantry Doctor Approved Grocery Shopping Guide

Whoah, it's time to brush the dirt off your shoulders because it's getting a little dirty around here.  This is the first week since moving to New Jersey that I have barely had time to breathe! It's been about a week since my last post, but I'm not complaining.  All of this hustlin' and bustlin' has me thinking about a pantry makeover I am doing first thing in the morning.  Sometimes our pantries need a good cleaning out as well....more

Pantry Doctor Simple Granola Bars

It's fall again, and time to pull out those skinny jeans and leggings.  How many of you tend to put on a little extra weight in the winter?...more

In Season Now: Patty Pan Squash Pizza

Last week I visited the Collingswood Farmers market and picked up some patty pan squash.  I had a great idea for them, and now that they are in abundance and the weather is still warm, these make for great grilled faux pizzas. Chance always thinks that there is something for him on the grill.  As he looked on, I cut the patty pan squash down the middle....more

7 Sports Nutrition Myths Debunked

We are officially back from vacation after a wonderful week in Ocean City, NJ.  Now that it is Monday, it is back to the grind! I have sports nutrition on the brain, and was going through some pictures so I decided to share some tidbits with you....more

Farmers Markets: Collingswood NJ

Jersey corn? Check.  Tomatoes? Check. Chinese Purple long beans? Dragon Tongue beans? Bumblebee tomatoes?? ...more

The Fermentation Monvement: a Beginners Guide

What are fermented foods? These can be cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee, pickles, and olives to name a few.  What exactly are fermented veggies? ...more

Rosemary's NYC

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Recipes: Chicken Piccata

I am in the mecca of Italian restaurants now that I have moved to New Jersey.  Who doesn't like Italian? If you don't, we need to have a serious discussion....more